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Learn how to gain donations comfortably by partnering with 10+ restaurants giving back to the community in this GroupRaise article. All 10 of these restaurants have give back programs and calendars that let you send a booking request in less than a minute. All 10 of these restaurants want to give back to the community just like you do.


Worried about promotional activity? Wondering how your charity’s online presence will attract enough RSVPs? Thousands of groups have found the answer: the GroupRaise promo kit, a collage of donations delights. These 10+ restaurants giving back to the community are stars already. You’re just giving them an altruistic cherry to add on top of the artisanal cupcake.


Get options on options with this info-packaged, flavor-stacked list of 10+ restaurants giving back to the community.


Giving back to the community is for all preference types & pocket sizes

What is the right restaurant for your group’s fundraiser? The one that makes your mouth water and makes you the most donations! Which one is that? Depends on your supporters, the people who are likeliest to hear from your charity team sharing social media content & emails.


Ask yourself: Who’s in your charity crew? Who’s in their network? What do they usually like most in meals? Does cost matter? Then look at average meal price, given below! Is healthy food a big deal to your peeps? Then check out the menu descriptions…below! Vegan? Gluten-free? Below!


These meal-makers are practiced food artisans and fundraiser reservation-ers. Pick the one that arouses & extinguishes your appetites the best. Let the donations come next. At the same time, feel proud to work with a brick-and-mortar local restaurant that employs and serves members of your local community.


Likewise, these 10+ restaurants giving back to the community would be proud to work with you. And giving back to the community can happen via online ordering options for supporters who can’t make it to the event in person. Learn more in the articles we link in each restaurant’s section.


Successfully serving the community is easy when experts structure the marketing of your fundraising meal.


You just plug and play the templates. So, circulate a Fundraiser Page unique to your charity & its meal. Gather attendees with images & names of brands they recognize & trust. Successfully giving back to the community is easy when aromatic plates make the world a better place.


You’ll also get draft texts & online content to remind people the day of the meal. They can swing on by for a time and donate a tiny bit with each delicious bite.


Three things to note!

  • Different restaurants have different requirements for a group to qualify. Some only want a cause that affects a group of people. Some require a tax form. 
  • Hear back on your reservation request in max 7 days. 
  • Expect money in the account as little as a month, likely no more than a couple weeks more than that, after your meal event.


Want a quick summary of the process? Yes? Then take four steps!


1. Send a request. 

2. Share some customized content. 

3. Eat a tasty meal. 

4. And watch your charity’s bank account grow.


Hold 10 ‘oh that was so good’ options in hand. Look over Lemonade first!


Diverse dietary lifestyles stay fresh & healthy at Lemonade

At Lemonade, the menu items change with the seasons and the creative fluctuations of the zest-zealots who work there. The give back program, though, is a reliable way for nearby groups to enjoy California-style cuisine and check off donations goals.


30% of sales go back to your group, with a $15 average meal price. Learn more in-depth about a Lemonade fundraiser in this article.


But the food? Lay your gaze on the Lemonade fan-favorite Grass-Fed Steak & Green Bean Bowl. It’s 640 calories. And there are vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian selections, including for any Lemonade fundraiser.


Sip on some Lemonade to congratulate yourself.


It’s pure crystal-white cane sugar, just the right amount – not too sweet – mixed with fresh lemon juice. Served cold.  Sip on some because you only needed an actual minute to glance over this calendar.



a table with three salads, mac and cheese, lemonade, lemons, cookies and sunflower. Fundraising Restaurants In San Diego mac and cheese, lemonade, lemons, cookies and sunflower.


Denny’s fundraising is accessible to all

Denny’s sports wallet-gentle ways for any & all to fundraise! Trying to figure out how to help your community? That’s something Denny’s has experience with.


A Denny’s community give back is affordable, laying out a wide range of widely loved American menu items. Any Denny’s fundraiser is giving back 20% of event sales. The typical meal price is $10. Understand more about how to give back with a Denny’s fundraiser here.


Everybody knows about Denny’s pancakes. They are syrup-laden, buttered golden, fluffed-up ways to start off a bright-eyed, good-for-the-community morning. So how can you help your community? With some of these!


Denny’s is delicious and stress-free, so feast your eyes on dates & pancakes here.



Wendy’s ice cream is a prosocial dream

Somewhere in the perfect ‘don’t melt just yet’ middle between liquid and that scoop of ice cream that was almost too much work to get…is a Frosty. People love ‘em! Seeking ways to give back to the community is something Wendy’s is known for doing reliably well.


A Wendy’s give back to the community is the kind of fast food that fuels mid-morning fantasies and charity treasuries.


The typical meal price is a low $7 and a Wendy’s fundraiser nets your team a whopping 20% give back of sales. For more on how to give back with a ‘dip your fry in a Frosty’ snack, learn in-depth how to do a Wendy’s fundraiser here.


A Chocolate Wendy’s Frosty Delight is a sight for those with a sweet-tooth and a hankering to help a cause worth at least a quick trip. I mean, this is a real sacrifice we’re talking about. Serving the community is as easy as ordering & receiving a serving of your frosty (and which flavor & toppings is most tasty to you?).


Each & every serving of Wendy’s ice cream is a little fantasy for RSVPS long enough after “breakfast” (how fast did I throw my jacket on?) and before lunch (clicks on menu link in your charity’s most recent post).


Journey through a portal to another world, Wendy’s, where Frostys & fries await juuuust behind this calendar.



wendy's frosty


Try burgers & fries with donations dip to the side at Five Guys

Five Guys is family-friendly. And fun? Never forbidden! Five Guys is committed to helping any local community giving back with the persuasive power of a patty-stacked taste container. Among ways to give back, Five Guys are a safe bet for family-centered fundraisers.


A Five Guys fundraiser is giving back to the community 20% of aggregate meal sales. The usual meal expense is an affordable $10. In terms of giving back to the community, read more relating to a Five Guys fundraiser in this GroupRaise article.


Mix-ins and milkshakes are rich ways to be helping your community, like a 20% give back from Five Guys. But look past the counter, right on over there. Dogs bursting at the seams and big beef patties, all hot off the meat-master’s hand-worked grill. Bun-packed & racked with fresh veggies & cheese, they’re served. Scoop & slather your condiments of choice.


Check the calendar before that, too.


Panera Bread soups & salads sit well with all 

Hot & savory cups of soup. Forkfuls of nature’s harvested best with light, just-right dressing. Vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options too. Panera Bread brings dread to mal-nourishment and appetite gone on too long.


That’s the power of gourmet.


And the Panera Bread give back program brings the baked, the stirred, and the seasoned to your fundraising experience. Trying to figure out how to help your community is something Panera Bread has done for others many times over. It’s no trouble for you. But it is for your hunger. A Panera Bread community give back is healthy and speedy, perfect for a nutrition-conscious group of go-getters.


So set up a Panera Bread fundraiser, because they’re giving back 20% of event sales. The typical meal price is an affordable $13. For how to give back, get more details relating to a Panera Bread fundraiser here!


People sipping great Panera Bread soup together is a community helping each other. So fork up and pick at the bits of your salad. The chunky bits. The leafy ones. The dressing is zesty, the fruit is sweet.


And you know what’s even sweeter? Only having to spend a measly minute for a mighty mission. A calendar glance? Hardly heroic, but surely salivating with Panera Bread. So do it below here.



The eyes and gut have it at Capriotti’s

A sandwich shop like Capriotti’s tells you to go with your gut. Why? Because they’ve got the wiches to put your cravings in stitches. Gorgeous grilled steak, dripping-over cheese, nicely-cut onions. This partial ingredient list is the beginning of the end of a Capriotti’s order-to-grill-to-gut process. At the end you choose hot or sweet peppers, to top off the glory you’re carrying to the table.


Capriotti’s is committed to seeking ways to give back to the community, like fundraising meals. Get deli & grill goodies at a Capriotti’s give back to the community and donations later.


A Capriotti’s fundraiser nets your team a juicy 15% give back of total meal tickets. The average per-person price is a reasonable $15.


There are as many ways to contribute to your community as Capriotti’s menu items! The grill is fired up, the sandwich layer stacking experts on call… Why wait? Steal a quick look at the calendar!



Capriotti’s sandwich


Jacks Urban Eats offers freshness & flavors near the source 

Real food, real fresh, real quick is Jacks Urban Eats in three nutshells. They’ve been a farm-to-table pioneer since 1998.


Discovering how to help your community just fits the style of Jacks Urban Eats, cool and yet committed to a certain lifestyle of health & pleasure, two things that can and should go together. Since you’re picking ways to give back, consider how attractive Jacks Urban Eats would be. After all, the meats & other ingredients are high quality. And local, much like the brick-and-mortar store and your group.


A Jacks Urban Eats fundraiser is giving back to the community 20% of event sales. The usual meal expense is a fitting $15. Serving the community is a pleasure for the crew at Jacks, as is every bite of beef that they serve.


Fire off an appetizer of fresh-salted crisp and shiny-in-the-light fries. Tackle a chargrilled tri-trip with gusto! This is how charity fundraising is done well (not too red, please). Bust open that dusty donation box, it’s time to fill it starting here.



Nature grooves with Native Foods ingredients 

Native Foods is well-schooled in venue-hosting fundraisers of different kinds, offering a community giving back a packed shelf of nutritious & environmentally conscious choices. Victuals here offer a haven to vegans and a new, delicious experience to many other people.


A Native Foods community give back is a re-invented burger, ‘those fries were the best,’ and select brew all put together for your pleasure. Vegan, yes. And is it less tasty for that reason? No. Way. Vegan is a great way to try new things and help worthy causes.


A Native Foods fundraiser is giving back 20% of fundraiser ticket sales. The typical meal price is an affordable $10. A creative assembly of fresh ingredients. A first bite to confirm the correctness of your venue choice.


Yes, a Native Foods asks the question how can you help your community, and it is so scrumptiously simple. Foodies come to eat at Native Foods. Some of the vegan ones work there, for the mission. Just like you have a mission, one made more real with a meal right on up over here!


Native foods fundraiser vegan burger


Feel good when you eat Fresh Brothers pizza slices

A Fresh Brothers give back to the community is clean & healthy. Pluck out the additives. Filter the fillers. Remove the preservatives. Good sources & suppliers. Great ingredients. Amazing pizza. And Fresh Brothers is nut free, uniquely on this list. So it would be nutty not to try a bit.


Trying to figure out how to help your community is something Fresh Brothers is known for doing reliably well. A Fresh Brothers fundraiser nets your team a sweet 20% give back of total event sales. The average meal cost is a reasonable $20.


You could eat a Fresh Brothers slice in a minute. You could. But enjoy it. Also enjoy your time saved when requesting a reservation with a restaurant you relish for reasons of cuisine & finance.



Dos Coyotes welcomes you with the best of Southwestern cuisine 

Corn, squash, and beans. Staples stay, and so too the creativity of a chef need never run dry. Even though Southwestern-styles were inspired by the desert.


Test artisanal salsas as ways to give back to the community with Dos Coyotes as your salsa-in-chief. As you consider ways to give back, know that Dos Coyotes has so much variety there’s something Southwestern for every RSVP. And a microbrew, too.


A Dos Coyotes fundraiser is giving back to the community 20% of what attendees bought. The usual meal expense is an affordable $12.


A community helping each other orders guac to share! This guac is a thick mound of bright-greens and bright-reds. The bowl is a deep, sturdy circle of stone. The chips? Just baked, they’re still warm. They’re a crunch and a snap, after a dip in the creamiest guac you ever fantasized about.


Southwestern-style makes meals pop & shine, so see availability in this calendar a better fundraiser.



tacos with guacamole


Discover how to help your community 10,000+ differently delicious ways 

This list of 10+ restaurants giving back to the community is by no means comprehensive of the GroupRaise offering. Nation-wide, groups for all flavors find one-click-away variety for next month’s mighty meal. That just makes good sense, since 10,000+ restaurants giving back to the community is quite the menu of donations delights.


The bench is so deep, GroupRaise made this nifty search index. It’s so fast in fact that you can send a reservation request to an exciting venue in…what? Less than a minute (truce facts).


Are you asking how to help your community? Make it rain, make it rain, make it rain… donations! You understand the value and importance of community service, that’s why you are researching restaurant give back programs. A GroupRaise fundraiser is how to help your community, with the tools on tap to turn your date & time confirmation, with your venue of choice, into a stack of supporter deposits.


That promo kit you’re gonna get? Sweet relief, you don’t need marketing expertise. You just need to use your template where the info is unique to your charity. Of all the ways to give back to the community, GroupRaise is the most delicious & convenient. A good-fit venue, date & time is one quick search away. So don’t delay!


More restaurants giving back to the community?

Providing you with easy ways to fun-draise, that’s our GroupRaise goal for this list of 10+ restaurants giving back to the community.


If it isn’t too much to say, you went from no mouth-watering and funds-raising options, to maybe too many. Hey, at least this article gave you a nicer problem to have!


GroupRaise loves giving charities so many delicious choices that it built partnerships with 10,000+ restaurants. One click for charity. One minute to request. One meal for the mission. Get started below!