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If you need to fundraise for your charity, school, or college club, a honeygrow dine to donate event can be the perfect choice!


GroupRaise and honeygrow have partnered to help you through the process of planning and executing your restaurant fundraiser in the best and most delicious way possible. The idea is to combine honeygrow’s flavorsome food, your friends and community, and by doing so support a cause you care about. 


In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the honeygrow give back program, from the process of booking your fundraising event to promoting it to your supporters!


Read on to learn more about the honeygrow dine to donate program!


honeygrow dine to donate salad with avocado, eggs, tomato and lettuce


How does a dine to donate work? – All You Need To Know 

A dine to donate event, also known as a restaurant fundraiser, profit share or spirit night, is an event where a group eats at a restaurant on a specific day and the restaurant gives back a percentage of sales to the group’s cause. 


A dine to donate event is a super simple way to raise money for your organization. Simply, pick a date with the restaurant and then invite as many people as possible to come and dine that night. 


Fundraising at restaurants is truly a win-win scenario! Restaurants that do fundraisers get to build a closer connection with their local community and your friends, family, and supporters get a chance to enjoy a delicious meal with each other.


The best part, booking your dine to donate fundraiser via GroupRaise is as easy as making a normal reservation to eat out at a local restaurant. All you have to do is:

  1. Visit GroupRaise.com, pick a city or type in your address;
  2. View fundraiser partners near you and select a restaurant;
  3. Pick the best date for your community and request your meal online.


Setting up a GroupRaise fundraiser is so easy it can be done in under 1-minute.


honeygrow Give Back Nights

honeygrow give back nights perfectly combine tasty meals, fresh ingredients and community fundraising. honeygrow is committed to giving back 20% of sales to local organizations as a means to strengthen the communities that they are a part of. 


A honeygrow dine to donate uses the same menu as always, where you can choose from customizable stir-fry and salads, many vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free meals and other diet and lifestyle-friendly options — they’ve got the delicious part of your event covered. Your attendees will love the high-quality ingredients and wide variety of food.



How does it work?

During the process of scheduling your fundraising event,  it’s important to pay attention to things such as the restaurant donation rate, location, availability and policies. 


Scheduling your restaurant fundraiser with honeygrow is a very simple and quick process. Below, you’ll see step-by-step how to book your own honeygrow dine to donate on the GroupRaise website!


1) Visit GroupRaise.com – Using the search bar type in your address or search by city to find honeygrow restaurants that do fundraisers near you. 


From the list you’ll be able to choose your nearest honeygrow location to book your dine to donate event.


2) Pick a date – After you choose your location, see which day and time frame works best for your group.


Remember: you have to book your meal at least two weeks in advance, so always keep that in mind when planning your fundraiser.


honeygrow fundraiser calendar page for July. How to book a honeygrow fundraiser


Once you’ve decided the best date for your honeygrow event, click Next.


3) Review Meal Details – In this section, you’ll be asked  to estimate your group attendance and see your estimated fundraising return. This information is necessary because it helps both you and honeygrow prepare for the event and set expectations.


This is also the time to review the honeygrow’s policies and ensure they fit your group’s needs. 


4) Create Your Account – If you don’t have your free GroupRaise account yet this is the time to create one. After setting it up, you’ll have to sign-in and finish providing some basic details about your group.


5) Promote your event! – Once honeygrow has accepted your meal request, it’s time to start spreading the word!


To take a load off your plate, here’s a quick recap of the key information for honeygrow:

    • Donating Back: 20% of Take out, Delivery, Pick up and In-house orders;
    • Availability: 10:30 am – 10 pm, everyday
  • honeygrow Policies: 
      • Orders can be placed:
        • In-store at the kiosk (enter Promo Code: GIVE126 at checkout)
        • honeygrow website (enter Promo Code: GIVE126 at checkout)
        • honeygrow Mobile App (enter Promo Code: GIVE126 at checkout)
      • Donation percentage does not include sales tax.
      • No coupons, discounts, or other offers valid during the event.
  • What types of fundraisers and donations does honeygrow NOT support?
    • Individuals or individual study, travel and research grants
    • For-profit ventures
    • Capital campaigns, endowment funds or memorials
    • Lobbying or political activities 
    • In an effort to protect our business and customer experience, we do not permit the distribution of flyers inside the restaurant or on the property at any time. All promotion must be done by the partner in advance of the event and through other means of outreach. The results of our fundraisers are fully dependent on the amount of promotion done by the partner and commitment to a successful outcome.


What Happens After Scheduling My Fundraiser?

honeygrow gets back to you within 7 days; you invite your supporters, and then on the day of your event a percentage of sales is donated back to the charitable cause you care about.


Fundraising dinners are free to host and your group receives one hundred percent of your hard-earned money! 


Benefits of Hosting a honeygrow Dine to Donate

Hosting a honeygrow dine to donate is a great way for groups to come together and enjoy a meal while raising money for their organization’s needs. You’ll be able to spend some time with your friends and family in a nice and comfortable atmosphere.


Their mouth-watering menu

honeygrow is a great place for a fundraiser because of their mouth-watering and healthy menu options. They’ve got all the delicious tastes and flavors you’ve come to love. Each one of your attendees will find something they enjoy on the menu. 


Promotion Easier Than Ever!

A fundraising event, especially a restaurant fundraiser, needs strong promotion to be successful, right? That’s why when your organization books a honeygrow dine to donate through GroupRaise, you’ll receive custom honeygrow promotional tools to help you make your meal a success.


These promo tools have the purpose of helping your organization to get the news out about your upcoming event and to ensure that you’ll be able to spread the word in the easiest way  possible.


honeygrow dine to donate dessert options healthy fruit and granola honeybar with a chocolate brownie


What are you waiting for?

Now that you know everything about the honeygrow give back program and hosting a dine to donate with them, it’s time to put words into action!


Take the first step by finding a date for your meal below and schedule your organization’s next mouth-watering fundraiser with honeygrow!