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Why do group organizers love a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser? Because supporters dig into the salads, soups, sandwiches, and spuds with delighted gusto! 


And then there’s the famous McAlister’s Deli sweet tea. Just check out the standard serving. It’s cool clean water brewed with tea leaves and cane sugar. Stir & swirl all 32 ounces a bit after it’s been poured over crushed white ice.


a girl and a woman having tea at McAlister's Deli


A restaurant fundraiser is a way to donate with conversation and good food. Attendees support local restaurants and form a closer community with nearby people. 


And doing a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser in particular means working with a national restaurant chain that takes the initiative to find worthy causes and help them. McAlister’s Deli knows what they’re doing when it comes to fundraising!


Hosting a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser night means an evening of sweet teas & towering sandwiches, sure to spread smiles & leave hardly any seats empty.


With that overview, let’s dig into the how-to’s and nitty-gritty why’s of a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser.


Hungry bellies leave McAlister’s Deli happy

McAlister’s Deli started humbly over three decades ago in a little Mississippi hamlet. It has since blossomed into a national eat & drink experience, with over 400 locations in 28 states.


McAlister’s Deli history is a rich one. From the start its recipes and ambience drew a stream of regulars. To this day McAlister’s Deli is a fun place for the community, families, friends, and teammates!


This fundraiser-ready restaurant is committed to helping communities where it sets up shops. McAlister’s Deli takes the initiative to reach out to local charities, a very good sign when picking a venue. 


How about a warm bowl of soft broccoli & cheddar cheese soup? There’s melted monterey jack in there too, for a bit of sweet. The base is made from hearty chicken broth. The McAlister’s Deli menu is what really makes this chain shine. It keeps evolving over the years, but the classic categories stay. 


McAlister's Deli green salad


People will love your group’s McAlister’s Deli fundraiser for the food alone. It’s a place to get a satisfying sandwich & sweet tea combo after work. So check out the next section on a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser night if your group’s social network includes a lot of hard-working, busy people!


Don’t want to leave anyone out? Looking to see if McAlister’s Deli gluten free choices are acceptable to some supporters? No need to fear, basically every recipe or customizable ingredient is gluten-free or has substitutes. That includes sandwich bread!


Now that you’ve read up on what McAlister’s Deli stands for (key takeaways: good food + strong communities), let’s get concrete about what a meal event there would really be like. 


Families, neighbors, and kids love McAlister’s Deli fundraiser night

What you need as a group organizer is to draw more supporters in. The mission moves forward when people believe in it. This is conveniently done with a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser night.


A restaurant fundraiser in general is a reliable way for your team to demonstrate what you’re all about to new, interested people. A McAlister’s Deli fundraiser is a strong illustration of this rule.


It’s exciting on the front end after people see your social media shares. They may have to cheat and get a snack from McAlister’s Deli before meal day. The food photos look too good! More on how GroupRaise & McAlister’s Deli help you promote your fundraiser (stress-free!) in the next section.  


McAlister’s Deli sandwich


A restaurant fundraiser is also low-key & relaxing on the back end. People talk, eat, drink, and leave with a nice memory. Your group gets donations and a stronger network. 


The key to a branded restaurant fundraiser, like you’ll see at a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser night, is the venue itself racks up RSVPs for you.


People like McAlister’s Deli already. And if they haven’t been there yet, they know people who have and like it! All you’re doing is showing they can be altruistic for a good cause, while going to a restaurant they’d enjoy visiting regardless. 


This is a community center with a culinary twist.


  • You should try a school fundraiser at McAlister’s deli, because the kids will chug down the sweet tea & tear apart the stacked sandwiches sold here!
  • Don’t forget about a charity fundraiser at McAlister’s deli, as neighbors, family, and co-workers will have a pleasant time for dinner or lunch.


All this to say that McAlister’s Deli is a place for people to eat, drink, and chat freely.


So put a flavor shot in that Blackberry Lemonade you’ve been sipping on, right after you put in a quick date & time request to McAlister’s Deli give back program.



McAlister’s Deli fundraising: How it works

Now that you’re freshened up on the appeal, let’s detail out how a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser works. 


The staff at these spots do fundraisers frequently and professionally. Rest assured, this will be a good experience for you & your team. And a good financial event for your group’s ledger!


McAlister’s Deli fundraising is a 20% give back program, arriving within 4-6 weeks of your meal event. All your group needs to do is share some customized content that you’ll receive after scheduling a meal. Hit 20 RSVPs and the 20% share is yours!


Variety in sandwiches, salads, and more – that’s McAlister’s Deli. And McAlister’s Deli fundraising is no different, it’s got something for everyone.


Curbside pickup for a pack of sandwiches, each a different flavor of good times?

McAlister’s Deli order online is a streamlined process, from ingredients to ‘it-barely-fits’ wrapping to ‘I-shouldn’t-eat-the-whole-thing’ on the way home.


This online ordering efficiency holds with McAlister’s Deli fundraising too. This way you can gain donations from people who want to help your group out but can’t go in-person. They can just click your order online link! More on promotional activity in a second. 


Economic situations are no barrier either. With a $13 average meal cost, McAlister’s Deli prices are accessible to all.


People of all kinds in your social network are sure to see the online content circulated by your core crew. And all of it is customized to your group’s meal!

  • Reciting information is boring, so hand people a physical or digital Fundraiser Flyer that looks good & gives key facts.
  • Receive a Fundraiser Page unique to your group’s McAlister’s Deli meal, making it easy for people to RSVP and hit that 20-person minimum.
  • Remind RSVPs with draft texts and online content.


And what do you have to do before sharing the news? Schedule the fundraiser!

  • Just 1-minute or less to request a date n’ time (note: two weeks out)
  • Hear back within a week, meanwhile meander your attention around the McAlister’s Deli menu


On the topic of calendars, Mcalister’s deli hours are between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm, perfect for an RSVP-packed dinner-time McAlister’s Deli fundraiser night


Many groups are sure to find nearby Mcalister’s deli locations because the chain has over 400 shops in 28 states. 


In sum, McAlister’s Deli fundraising makes supporters happy, makes donations, and making one happen is easy for you to do

With that in mind, do you have a minute? Why not use it to find a McAlister’s Deli near me?



Leverage McAlister’s Deli menu variety for promotional activity

One sure way to fire up cravings and douse donation-related disappointment? Good photos. Of what? All the different eat & drink experiences available at a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser


Definitely use the 3 promo tools that GroupRaise & McAlister’s Deli put together for your team, after you schedule a meal. But you’ll want to do your own thing sometimes, like circulating a photo with captions on Instagram. 


Don’t just toss up an image of McAlister’s Deli near me that you took with your iPhone or found on Google Images. Use those group organizer wits! Circulate photos of what the McAlister’s Deli menu has to offer.


Such as this… 


reuben sandwich


Don’t make your caption boring either. Lead with the most helpful or appetizing information! 



  • No: “Help our charity do a good thing X and other good thing Y this Wednesday night at McAlister’s Deli!”
  • Yes: “Sip sweet tea & slay stacked sandwiches at McAlister’s Deli. 20% of all sales go to our charity!”


What makes McAlister’s Deli so loved across the country is fresh fodder for engagement with your content and conversions to RSVPs. An effective altruist uses every advantage.


At McAlister’s Deli, RSVPs come for the eats and stay for the people

Many groups have benefited from scheduling a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser. This restaurant chain has been rooted in the community wherever it opens up shop since the beginning. Over three decades of menu invention and social harmony make McAlister’s Deli history a true asset for any group organizer seeking donations.


Piled-high sandwiches, fresh n’ zesty salads, topping-laden spuds – wow that sounds good! And of course the sweet tea is a must-have for any attendee. McAlister’s Deli fundraising is the sort of thing to draw a family-friendly, good-neighborly crowd. 


You can read more about McAlister’s Deli give back program here.


You’ve got a bank account to load up, and the path forward could easily be fundraising with the one & only McAlister’s Deli. You are one quick date & time request away from a satisfying helping of mac & cheese and helping your fellow support a worthy cause.