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If knowing that it’s easy to find a pizza fundraiser near me would make you glad, then read more below! You’ll learn why and how an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza fundraiser works in this GroupRaise article. And this piece puts 2 more dough-slinging, donation-sprouters in the spotlight. They’re all dedicated to hand-made pizza craft.


Charities and supporters are welcome to good vibes & pizza at an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza fundraiser. Worry & pessimism about donations are not. Crispy-then-chewy-then-gone crust. Pockets of lucent white, melted mozzarella, sitting inside a circle of roasted tomato sauce and more choice toppings.




And did you know that a fundraiser pizza in particular has more units of pleasure per slice? Yes, the science backs it up. Just trust me on that!


nthony’s Coal Fired Pizza dishes


It’s not just the menu that matters. 20% of sales land in your group’s account in as little as a month. And charity organizers can and do request a reservation…as quick as a minute!


By the end of this post, you’ll know that these three kitchens heat up the hearth for hand-crafted treats that land on your pizza fundraising table sooner than you’ll remember your hunger. 


Three ways a pizza fundraiser blazes & extinguishes appetites

Fundraise in relaxed style – GroupRaise a pile of donations & toppings at three hot, never heavy yet still satisfying pizza fundraiser spots


Our ring-leader and pizza spot #1: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza of course.


Pizza partner-in-crime #2: Lunch-lounge with your crew in appreciation of za genius at Blaze Pizza, otherwise known as the hot oven lab of the “Pizza Whisperer” mad Chef Brad Kent. 


Accessory to aromatic distractions #3: Not to be out-done, California Pizza Kitchen invented the famous Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, keeping the tradition of California pizza experiment alive and well to this day with Jamaican Jerk and Thai styles for the adventurous friend group to excitedly try.


mushroom pizza with tomato sauce


So that’s the high-level lay of za-land. But what are the nitty-gritty, dough-kneading details?


They say people can have too many choices. But when it’s your choice of thick meat cuts or fresh brightly-colored veggies at a pizza fundraiser, should you navel-gaze? Or ease those eyes on the waiter-borne slices of satisfaction heading your way?


Just savory slices, or spicy too? 


Creamy, cool dip to the side?


Go in-person or go order online?


Convince people why the event is fun, or- Wait, these are crowd-pleasers we’re talking about. The personal value-add comes as clear to supporters as the share icon will be to you once you get our customized promo tools.


All three of these pizza players give back 20% of meal sales, so just focus on that RSVP metric to feel good about your future pizza fundraising donations. Plus these 3 fan-fav pizza players and yours truly GroupRaise offer 3 ways to promote your pizza fundraisers. Let’s see what they’re about!


#1 A pizza fundraiser flyer

Digital and paper. Visually pleasing and informative. And the one you get is customized to your charity’s particular pizza fundraiser


#2 A Meal Page

Circulate a convenient-to-click and RSVP unique-to-your-meal Meal Page.


#3 Remind & Refresh Supporters

After you send your request, not only do you get a pizza fundraiser flyer and a Meal Page, but we’ll send you a text reminder for the day of the event plus other social media content to share. Thousands of charities have used these promo tools to pour in donations. And come back for more helpings.


Good promotional activity makes it easy for someone to understand what experience they’ll get.


Pizza fundraisers are known and accepted fast-casual experiences. But they hardly need to be the same-old slice of pepperoni boring. Hungry people pick spots like Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza for the pace and the vibe. Pizza-themed or otherwise, a good fast-casual meal is fun, flavorful (and fast). Correction: a good experience is like that.


So chow down with your charity peeps & the charity curious at a pizza fundraiser with hot hand-huggers. Aaaaaand then munch on fridge-cool (yet seemingly richer in taste) leftover slices the next day after class or work.


Let’s get after it first with an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza fundraiser, just remind me to grab my box of leftovers!


Delicious is in the details at a Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza fundraiser

Coal-fired ovens yield a unique pizza flavor that students & supporters return for time & time again. 


The crust comes singed, complementing the classic textures of crispy and chewy. The rest of your comfort circle, though, is still cooked just right! That’s just one reason why Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza has had over 20 years of customer happiness and successful expansion across the nation.


Hungry altruists at a pizza fundraiser donate 20% of meal sales to the cause for a $15 average meal price. Read more how-to-handle details here.


The artisans at Anthony’s keep trying new things, to be sure. But they rely on recipes handed down the generations to set themselves apart too. And what you all eat is the back-end of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza intensive process. The sauce? Made of hand-picked tomatoes.


Fresh tomato sauce

Image by Dennis Klein at Unsplash


The cheese? Pecorino Romano, grated in the kitchen (where the aromas tickling your nose come from).


That distinct taste of the overall pizza? It’s from Anthony’s coal-fired oven. The kitchen’s humming, the ingredients are fresh, and let’s be cravingly real. Your charity’s bank account is hungry. Why not glance over Anthony’s calendar?



A Blaze Pizza fundraiser is a meaty, cheesy, hand-crafting assembly line

Students and all kinds of people love za lunch experience at Blaze Pizza, it’s a zthing.


An $8 average meal price is doable for all, hard-working students included and very welcome. For a quick & chill meal, a clean 20% back on your pizza fundraiser sales is a steal for the greater good. Learn more process points here.


The Pizza Whisperer has hammered out the pizza production process precisely, that’s why attendees to a Blaze Pizza fundraiser have food in front of them so fast. But Blaze Pizza isn’t fast food. Go and taste the rich and nature-based complexity of Chef Brad’s obsessive culinary artistry.


And the same comparison wouldn’t help you handle complexity of your accounting once all those Blaze Pizza fundraiser donations come in.


People like their veggies fresh. Toss the artificial flavorings and preservatives. Just shake some red peppers and share some good conversation over your fundraiser pizzaPeople like dough put together from scratch… and. Never. Frozen.


person holding dough

Image by Artur Rutkowski at Unsplash


Once hand-assembled, the crafted circle of gluttonous glory that you ordered is fast-fire’d: 180 seconds in an oven that would roast any troll of an appetite you may have.  Plus, Blaze Pizza has vegan options, not always available at pizza joints. 


And all you have to do to have this experience is spend as little as an actual minute finding a date & time. Do it.



Sample culinary stylings at a California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser

California-style food is experimental. Its inspired chefs are imaginative, ingredient A/B testers.


Enter the culinarily stylings of California-themed meals.


pizza on chopping board

Image by Chad Montano at Unsplash


Salami, mozzarella, mushrooms, and tomato sauce? Classic & great ingredients, definitely. But…enter a proud banner wearer of this honest and inventive tradition: California Pizza Kitchen.


Chicken, goat cheese, artichoke hearts, and peanut sauce? Tasty tricks & sabroso tips of the cunning cuisiners over at California Pizza KitchenThis worldwide za-nomenon sells lip-licklings to happy people like true food professionals.


College clubs especially dig these spots and digging into the dishes. They get 20% back on the well-worth it $17 usual meal cost. Get more California Pizza Kitchen fundraising how-to information here.


And there are gluten-free options, too.


So make some pizza fundraising happen up in here, the California-inspired kind, for a new spin on a known standard. 


Harness the power of a pizza fundraiser for schools

School organizations help all kinds of causes. It’s a rainbow of student-led non-profit missions out there! But there is at least one reliable lever for the educated-in-progress and kind of heart to pull. Pizza fundraisers.


Pizza fundraising should entice you as a charity organizer because the meals are quick and affordable. Not to mention delectable, especially to hard-working students in need of comforting sustenance. A pizza fundraiser for schools is a great way to save money and time with no cuts on the quality of the crust or toppings. The same things attract the family members of students and other very busy people in your school’s broader social network.


The fast-casual experience in general is amenable to socializing, something that students and young people trade in with a passion. For all these reasons student groups of all helping-hand stripes share the joy of pizza fundraisers. And find them fast and friendly through GroupRaise. 


Come join them, and let the charity curious in your broader social network share the food and fun. In a few minutes you could have great news for your charity peeps.



You’ve seen the raw fresh ingredients, hand-picked. You’ve seen the dough, hand-kneaded. And the pre-oven pizza, hand-crafted. In it goes, out it sizzles flavors of a timeless treat. 




There’s the deep kind and the thin. There’s the meaty, or the veggie. The mixed, too. There’s spicy and creamy, and on and on. There’s a span of pizzabilities bigger than your imagination, more numerous than the array of student charity groups who use GroupRaise.


So fundraise it up with your next slice and shake hands (use a napkin!) with your friends & fellows. A pizza fundraiser for schools and many other organization types is tried-and-true, much like the food.


Blaze Pizza


Imagine your pizza licked by searing flames for 180 seconds of searing flames, no less than the best cooking requires but not enough to toast the taste and soft out of the crust.  And if you thought that was fast, take a third of that to mouse-hand toss Blaze Pizza a date & time.


What about California Pizza Kitchen?


California inspires its chefs to be bold with recipes and conservative with the environment, thus the eco-friendly boxes snuggling mouth-watering pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen that you were meant to try at least once.  Go be bold in fundraising action, do it now.


And Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza?


They say the recipes are a trade secret, kept safe only because everyone within viewing distance of the sauce-peddling at play is so distracted by the sights, smells, and tastes. Be warned, you too will hear the siren’s call of savory sensations at an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza fundraiser meal. Find one near you, at your hunger’s peril.


And if finding fundraising venues piques your interest in all that GroupRaise offers (how charitable of you), please feel free to have a quick click and search around.