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What if I said that nibbling on sweet pastry & sipping on just-right coffee was the same thing as donating to a worthy local cause? This GroupRaise article offers 9 cafes near me that offer exactly this experience!


  • Are you looking for fundraiser ideas?
  • Are you starting to realize that you’re interested in helping your community in a fast, fun, flavorful way? 


So, how do you get involved with your community? The solution is here, all 9 pieces of the prosocial puzzle. 


Power your day with coffee. Power your cause with cash. Learn how in this GroupRaise list of cafe & bakery give back programs.


Students and office workers especially will love being part of a cafe fundraiser. It is one of the best fundraiser ideas for nonprofits. This is true for both group organizers and people who just want to help a local cause by drawing on their school or job network.


A sugared Americano, steam rising off the milky top… that’s sweet morning mental clarity. Chilled coffee on a hot summer’s early afternoon… that’s just the right time for a shot of let’s get back in the game and finish out the day’s work! 


Coffee is to a day’s experience like salt is to most recipes, adding a bit is a bit of extra joy. Many cafes & bakeries offer wonderful coffee & other light items, drawing many existing clients in the immediate area. This list of 9 cafes near me offers exactly these experiences, with a locally centered humanitarian twist. 


Cafe fundraising takes this base of slow-brewed, ground-up quality eat & drink experience and adds a little extra. That’s why it’s one of the best fundraiser ideas out there.


Gather funds from fast, flavorful & fun cafe fundraiser runs

A cafe fundraiser incentivizes people to try a new spot or go on a day when they otherwise would not. Cafe fundraising combines our love of light foods and fortifying liquids with the allure of altruism. But in this charitable case, there is no burden or sacrifice! 


I mean, this just looks 100% good…


Group organizers can send a scheduling request in a minute (for real). People who see your social media content (for which we offer major assistance) can donate as easily as eating a small donut and sipping some espresso. And if you’re just interested in bakeries and cafes near me then consider how little work & how much joy it would be to support these local businesses with more business.


At the same time, you’ll help local nonprofits too. This is every cafe fundraiser in a nutshell, or a coffee bean, as you like. A customized cool supporter experience? Among fundraiser ideas for nonprofits, this coffee & pastry combination is a cure to make you ill for more cafe fundraisingAnd how you like it is what these 9 listed cafes & bakeries offer you


We all happily roll through cafes & bakeries from time to time. But there’s a bit of stigma in buying a nice, customized coffee, isn’t there? How about the common joke about buying a $5 Starbucks coffee? But Starbucks doesn’t offer cafe fundraisers unfortunately, like many cafe & bakery chains, so read on to learn which ones do.


Be a patron to cafes near me leading the charge in charitable donations

Enjoy your specialty caffeinated beverage free of guilt and shame. How? Make buying identical to donating. A Corner Bakery Cafe fundraiser, for example, nets the host nonprofit a whopping 15% net profit milk to your donation-generating coffee. Finding cafes near me is fast, hosting them is easy, and spending the donations is righteous. Keep on reading to learn why!


Hosting a cafe fundraiser is hot, and I don’t just mean hot fresh strong coffee. I mean group organizers love how simple and helpful cafe fundraising is to them. And many local cafes & bakeries adore the new business from coffee runs for charitable causes. So check out just 9 of these merry marmalade selling musketeers, right on down below.


I mean just look at this pastry.


Pain au Chocolat

Image by Mink Mingle from Unsplash.


But before we do, can we just pity how the party isn’t even bigger?


Wouldn’t the biggest cafe & bakery chains just love to lift sales and help worthy causes? Well…not many do. 


Starbucks fundraisers are only done by some franchise locations, which means the process is hard to figure out and not streamlined. This is unfortunate because many nonprofits would really benefit from a Starbucks fundraiser. This big coffeehouse chain has the reach to make a real difference – even as it generates new business! 


And unlike many big coffeehouse & bakery chains, the 9 businesses on this list are dedicated to helping supporters donate with donuts & delicious coffee. Like Corner Bakery Cafe, home to hazelnut heaven. In what way? Try a tall strong blazer of fresh-made coffee with whole milk and the whole aroma of hazelnut, before you taste the sweet & earthy flavor. 


Cafe fundraisers bring in new clients and regular clients with additional visits. This is because people love to help worthy causes. Doing it deliciously just sounds delightful. Donations flow, coffee flows, and time flows because you’re having a great time!


Even if you’re not a group organizer, it would be super easy & fun to facilitate one of these events at your school or office! This is a very balanced & effective choice among fundraiser ideas for nonprofits


Before we dig into the donuts of the matter, read on about two types of nonprofits groups that benefit most from cafe fundraisers.


Cafe fundraiser runs help office workers & students the most

A relaxing weekend morning made fresh with the mental morning clarity of strong coffee. A nice light breakfast that you didn’t make at home, a different food experience to distinguish your day from what you’re used to eating. Cafes near me have a way of making your day just a bit better.


A cafe fundraiser just takes this reality and makes the fantasy of nonprofit resources a practicality. This. Is. Doable. No – not just doable, delicious, and therefore, easy. 


Students & families could really benefit from cafe fundraising because of their lifestyle, so read more below. And in the next section, understand why office coffee solutions discussions have been missing the simple corporate brand-enhancing option presented in this article.


Office coffee drinkers who donut together, donate together

Looking for some corporate fundraising ideas? Tired of the same-old, same-old? Looking for something fresh & sweet, new & exciting? The time of the standard group order is past, the age of the office cafe fundraiser run is nigh!


Office coffee tastes better. Yes, I said it. It tastes better, when a whopping dollop of the sale goes to a nonprofit you hope profits to make a better world. And a better world is one with coffee and pastries, two things you are guaranteed to find at one of the 9 cafe fundraising champions furious for flavor & change. 


Office donuts are a sweet treat too, make it a couple boxes for the whole crew. Chocolate, maple, ugh, I need to go to a cafe near me really quick, hold off on reading the rest of this post. These glazed fundraiser ideas are really something!



Well that was quick! As I sip this coffee I realize I’m writing more clearly. And the strawberry pastry I bought is gone, where did it go?? 


Aside from disappearing delights, cafe fundraisers as one of your office coffee solutions seems like a great opportunity. Why waste it? Just pick a cafe or bakery that blends with the corporate brand! 


Enhancing the corporate public image with nonprofit & local restaurant support?


Sounds like something management would like. You’re an idea kinda person. They’re pretty valuable!


Is the office coffee station fresh out of ground coffee? Do you need more espresso cups to make some coffee station ideas? If you do a quick cafe fundraiser run, then each ‘n every cup you fill with a big order of coffee for the team is a little donation. It all adds up!


Powering through the afternoon with work? Get out and get some air, go to a nice cafe for an Americano, chill when it’s hot, hot when it’s chilly. Want to get ahead of the line? Then order online. 


A cafe fundraiser is one of those corporate fundraising ideas that offers the best of all worlds. 

  • It’s fast, not form-filling slow. 
  • It’s pleasingly easy, not procedure-pursuing difficult.
  • It’s fun, not the same old task again!
  • It’s supporting local cafes & bakeries. You live in the area, right?
  • It’s donating to worthy causes in your community. You like helping other people, correct?


So if you’re a group organizer or just enjoy bringing good ideas to the positive attention of your fellow co-workers, then check out the 9 bakeries & cafes near me (below) that do fundraisers. This is the fundraising method of the future, so get ahead of the pack! (Donut pack 😊)


Combine cafe fundraisers with *yawn* standard student fundraiser ideas

A cafe fundraiser is one of the best student fundraiser ideas out there, and yet it is so rarely done. This is a great opportunity for you to gather funds in a fun way with friends for the for-realest mission for which you actually get out of bed. 


Fundraising ideas school wise? Make it something that jives with studying & friends. Students love cafes & bakeries, and not just for the eat & drink. It’s also a chill and casual seating experience. You can talk with a friend (or a date). Or you can study, alone or with a friend. Or, maybe just as important, because they can get high quality foods & coffee beverages to go fast before class or a study group session.


Plus, supporters of student groups can get behind the register to buy something they already like at a place they hear is good, or haven’t gone to in awhile and donating is motivating.


Donating. Is. Motivating. 


Remember that when you think about student fundraiser ideas. They are a tricky bunch, but taste buds are the truest tried tool for ticking up the donation count.


So now you know why cafe fundraising is a potential major source of good vibes & monetary support. This is especially true for students. Make it happen, and learn exactly how to make it happen in the next section!


Cafe fundraisers: How they work

Let’s do this like we do a to-do list, efficiently. Ask: How do cafe fundraisers work? Easy, they work easy, and following these instructions is no different. 


  1. Use the links in each of the 9 quick blurbs on bakeries & coffeehouses that fundraise. Find a cafe near me that’s convenient for you & your crew!
  2. Send a date & time request in 1-5 minutes.
  3. Hear back within a week.
  4. Promote the fundraiser with a fundraiser flyer both digital and paper (to persuade), Meal Page (easily gathers RSVPs), and content to remind them once they’ve RSVPed. It’s all customized to your nonprofit’s cafe fundraiser!
  5. Go to the event. Or order online, as you please. Enjoy!
  6. As little as a month later, get the donations.


Yeah it’s that simple! That’s what GroupRaise does with fundraiser ideas. Complex scheduling for charity’s sake, made simple. 


And if none of the 9 awesome cafes or bakeries below has a convenient location for you, then use this geo-filtered search index on the GroupRaise network.


The Corner Bakery near me makes eggs exciting!

Locations All over the country! Especially Texas and California.


The Corner Bakery near me does eggs up the way they should, customized to the appetite of the particular client. Chickpeas and fresh mozzarella (melting on the hot plate), with some pesto? 


Holy donuts, check this out!



A Corner Bakery fundraiser offers what the people need! 


At a $12 meal price average, you can eliminate that caffeine deprivation and caloric craving without breaking the budget. 


But with that 15% Corner Bakery fundraising give back, you’ll open up your non-profit budget for new mission-forward expenditures. And a Corner Bakery near me comes just after one look at this calendar.



G Cafe Bakery is always on point with the breads

Locations: Hartford & New Haven, Connecticut 


Donate the weight off your shoulders, we have the solution. A G Cafe Bakery cup of not-too-hot high quality coffee & avocado toast clears the mind. Smashed avocado, with marinated rich red tomato & some queso fresco. And there’s a vegan option. Such thoughtfulness, that’s the craftsmanship we expect from this humble breadshop.


Just gaze over the goodies you’ll see at a G Cafe Fundraiser!


G Cafe Bakery Sandwich


When you bite into a G Cafe Bakery bread your nose and tongue hit notes of richness, your teeth sink into a thick earthy blanket that keeps going. Until you take a sip of coffee. And now you’re ready for more. G Cafe Bakery fundraising is a unique experience.


So do not miss it, and don’t forget to bring around $8 for your average meal. You will easily get plenty of RSVPs to make that wholesome 15% back an exciting opportunity. So don’t miss what you can get for goodness sake, glance over a couple nearby G Cafe Bakery (bakeries)!



Experience the beautiful views & bountiful victuals at Bliss Cafe

Locations: San Luis Obispo, California!


At Bliss Cafe the coffee & pastry is locally sourced, locally made, and locally served to the satisfaction of locals and foreigners alike. A Bliss Cafe fundraiser is for flavor-lovin’ people fiendin’ for food fresh-made, and that includes the desserts n’ dressings! 


Bliss Cafe fundraising is approximately a $12 meal to a supporter with 20% back to your nonprofit, meaning a great breakfast there on the creekside patio or to-go is not just for show. It’s for your enjoyment, both of the treats, and the good treatment of your community. 

So check it out, go get some goodies and give to people who need it.



The hardest choice at Ramona Cafe is between a biscuit and a muffin

Locations: Ramona, California!


Have your omelet how you like, the menu is stacked! A Ramona Cafe fundraiser cannot disappoint lovers of breakfast. 


Ramona Cafe fundraising is a 20% give back with a $12 usual meal price. Consider one of those omelets again. Served up eggs enclosing a batch of sliced & chopped bell peppers, tomatoes, onion and avocado? Which part of the omelet do you start eating first? Ramona Cafe gives you good problems to solve


The chefs there recommend you start with the cheesiest spot, whether that’s cheddar or jack doing the drizzling deed. Run over to Ramona, this kitchen is always cooking!



Rustic Kitchen Market & Cafe combines select ingredients scrumptiously

Locations: Los Angeles!


A flaky, soft croissant is a perfect match for an egg that’s been fried and gouda that’s been smoked. They were meant to be together, and you were meant to try a Rustic Kitchen Market & Cafe fundraiser. And 15% back off a very reasonable $14 is another reason why group organizers should head over to this good-food-servin’ cafe.


Rustic Kitchen Market & Cafe fundraising is quality cold brew for you, for me, for a crisp morning that leads into a relaxing afternoon. So make it happen, starting here!



Fresh Healthy Cafe makes you feel good after eating 

Locations: San Marcos, California!


Look over what you ordered, it’s a hot-pressed panini! The veggies are so brightly-colored, the eggs as yellow as can be. At a Fresh Healthy Cafe fundraiser the food doesn’t just look good, it tastes really good. 


You might want to try a pure smoothie when you’re Fresh Healthy Cafe fundraising, because they land differently than a cool Americano. Nutrients & vitamins come in sneakily with Fresh Healthy Cafe smoothies… because they come sweetly! With goods that are sure to secure attendees, enjoy receiving 15% back off a $7 typical meal cost. 


Find a time that works right here and don’t look back, that panini might disappear!



Start your day with strawberry-laden pancakes at Jinky’s Cafe

Locations: Los Angeles and Oxnard, California.


Grab a cup of hot joe & pour syrup over a pancake breakfast at Jinky’s Cafe fundraiser, just leave those fresh strawberry slices on!


Jinky’s Cafe dishes


It doesn’t end with typical breakfast foods when it comes to Jinky’s Cafe fundraising, you could even order coconut flakes n’ sheathes with powdered sugar sprinkled on top of a strawberry & blueberry layer. 


$18 average meal price with 15% back? Well worth it to RSVPs and well worth it to any fundraising group! Check out a Jinky’s Cafe near me through this streamlined calendaring system!



Krispy Kreme contributes to the community 

Locations: Sporting donut & coffee spots nation-wide!


That’s right, it’s the home of the holy donut! At a Krispy Kreme fundraiser the glaze is smooth before the bite & break and then it’s all flaky shakes of sugar. Make your cup of caffeine one bright sunny morning quite milky, because that Krispy Kreme donut will taste even better. 


A cafe fundraiser is complementary foods & beverages combined for a crisp sip, ah & mmm experience. Can we just glance at the glaze goodness one more time?


box of Krispy Kreme glazed donuts


A coffeehouse measured by the quantity & quality of the coffee n’ pastries it sells? Krispy Kreme keels over the metrics! Krispy Kreme fundraising is where donations are at, for group organizers all across the country! You can see how the whole process works in detail in this GroupRaise article


People will definitely check out a Krispy Kreme near me for a great cause. A $15 box of deliciousness? What a deal! up to 70% back on every sale? Profitable. You get your donations the same day that you sell those boxes of donuts. Buy as many donuts as you need to meet your supporters’ orders.


So go ahead and start the process – launch your own Krispy Kreme Digital Dozen campaign today!



Some Cinnabon as soon as possible sounds so satisfying

Locations: Appealing to drooling adorers all over the country!


What will you see at a Cinnabon fundraiser too! Imagine yourself holding a hot box of warm dough sticky with sweet and cinnamon-y cream cheese. A little caramel drizzling on top too? Maybe splatter some pecans about? 


cinnamon roll with frosting


You can start the whole Cinnabon fundraising sign-up & scheduling process with this GroupRaise blog post. We lay out the entire step-by-step efficient process for you. The give back program is around 15% but the average meal price is $5.


So! Sprint toward the Cinnabon website to fill out the application and wait for a decision.


But if you’re excited to start a cafe fundraiser ASAP, the 9 listed cafes & bakeries have a streamlined event scheduling process. Sending a request with your date & time of choice can take as little as a minute, at most 5. Don’t find one you need near you? Use this efficient search tool to find spots like Cinnabon near you!



Cafe fundraisers make donations of coffee & pastry dreams 

A good time with people you like for a cause you believe in. A local business serving better beverages with a satisfying percentage give back. Donations come as steady as the fresh hot dark liquid you desire pours out from the cafe’s coffee makers. 


Try a cafe near me and compare with how many donations you get using other student fundraiser ideas. This new approach is popping up in places of all kinds. Fast to order & fast to serve, high quality coffee beverages & light food goodies.


Office coffee solutions have up to this point never been brand-enhancing. Don’t you want to be the person who gave the corporate look a shine? Gleaming public relations and gleaming crispy & crunchy & all manner of toppings and flavors pastries. Office donuts? Done right. Office coffee? It tastes better, when it’s charitable. 


So cafes keep those coffee makin’ dream machines on! As a matter of fact, group organizers & aspiring community contributors, keep those brilliant cafe fundraising brains on too. Just start here with a quick search!