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Ever heard of a Flame Broiler fundraiser? It’s a place where the ingredients are honest and the meals are both delicious and healthy. More than that, the Flame Broiler has been doing nonprofit work for over a decade! Its first kitchen opened in California, back in 1984. Now it is in 180+ locations all over that great state as well as Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Oklahoma. 


Almost 40 years of success and expansion tells you why a Flame Broiler fundraiser is easy to promote. This restaurant chain offers a blazin’ 20% give back to participant nonprofits. Which you can be one of, because it’s easy to draw hungry people when you post an image of the food. 


Taste tender meat, savory with seasonings, on a bed of warm soft rice, filled with antioxidants. This Flame Broiler fundraiser you’re contemplating sounds like a place to be. Keep reading. 


The Flame Broiler stands for health, taste, and community involvement

The story of The Flame Broiler is a charming one, so we’ll tell it! In the mid 80’s a UCLA graduate with a degree in economics, Young Lee, cooked up a thought–healthy food made fast and charged affordably. Little did he know his entrepreneurship would turn into a heavy regional hit without the heartburn.


Hard work and rigorous thought still lie at the core of what is now a much grander operation than what Young began decades ago. 


The Flame Broiler menu nutrition is detailed and complete, find the nutrition values for the food you want to eat on the Flame Broiler website. On the whole the food is known for being healthy. For example, broccoli and carrots, steamed to perfection, are a typical part of the Flame Broiler’s bowls.


One key part of how the Flame Broiler nutrition is kept sound is through mindful ingredient selection.


This is done by keeping things simple. Let’s show the Flame Broiler menu nutrition with some questions.


  • Bowl, or plate?
  • Chicken, beef, or tofu?
  • White rice, or brown rice?


And that is mostly it, with sauces and dressings, salads, sides, and drinks of course. For example, consider the Flame Broiler chicken bowl with white rice


chicken bowl with white rice


Tempted by a bowl of basted and juicy chicken over steamed, sticky white rice? At 600 calories, this is a sweet deal.


On top of keeping waistlines thin yet content, the Flame Broiler menu is so delicious it’s so worth the $15 average meal price. A big fan of beef and chicken? Go half and half. It’s hard to chew the chicken when it melts in your mouth! 


So now you know what the food at a Flame Broiler fundraiser would be like, but maybe you’re asking, what’s the big huff about a branded event for getting donations? Well, I’ll tell you!


The Flame Broiler give back program is a tasty double threat

A fundraiser, when it works, puts donations in your nonprofit pockets. A branded fundraiser works better, here’s why–the brand. (Gosh, is this article going to be this obvious the whole way?!). 


The Flame Broiler give back program is a double threat too, because it’s got the fame of the Flame Broiler menu and the reputation of a restaurant that’s been giving back since 2009. Any nonprofit working with this restaurant chain is in for a stacked list of RSVPs. You do desire donations, right? 


You know by now that we have a go-getter to thank for the Flame Broiler, Young Lee. Additionally, the Flame Broiler community is strong, in large part thanks to Young Lee’s giving spirit. He started feeding the homeless and sponsoring kids who needed some help. Through this restaurant chain Lee sponsors around 330 children! 


The Flame Broiler give back program is a kindred spirit to your own and a way to fill your charity coffers. Ask yourself, would people in your social media network want to donate to your worthy cause if it only took eating something like this?


Flame Broiler food image


The answer is yes, yes, yes. A Flame Broiler fundraiser is a boon for the beneficiently minded–that means you! Tell me you can’t find a convenient date and time, I dare you!


Flame Broiler fundraising is simple like the ingredients in the food

Let’s talk about the Flame Broiler fundraising works mechanically. 


Marketing a fundraiser is no small feat for a nonprofit organizer–let alone those among you reading who just learned by happenstance about Flame Broiler fundraising and now want to help. Thankfully GroupRaise specializes in nonprofit promotional assistance! Feel confident in customized tools that come as soon as you send a date and time request to the Flame Broiler


But what tools will you get? Join the Flame Broiler community of giving hearts with a Meal Page unique to your fundraiser, it looks good and helps you rack up RSVPs.


Flame Broiler Meal Page


Use a Fundraiser Flyer to dazzle potential supporters. Attract them to be sure, but remind them the day of with a custom text and other content! Look over GroupRaise’s Facebook page to see how people benefit from this customized content. And don’t forget to like the page too!


The typical cost to eat at the Flame Broiler is $15, quite reasonable for the value on offer. The deal will appeal, which is good because you need 20 people to reserve seats at a nearby Flame Broiler for you to get the 20% of meal sales offered by the Flame Broiler give back program


Satisfying this requirement will not be difficult, as satisfying your RSVPs will not be difficult for the Flame Broiler chefs!


People of all kinds of dietary lifestyles will appreciate the transparency and healthiness of the Flame Broiler nutrition, and the tofu option is sure to attract vegetarians who want to help.


Getting simple and salivating mixed bowls and plates served to your home is amazing. So we have good news! The Flame Broiler delivery options and take out choices are available at many locations. (Though not all.) So check venue-specific details when you click the link at the bottom of this section. 


The Flame Broiler community is a large one, thankfully. That is why you can schedule a Flame Broiler fundraiser during a wide variety of convenient days and times. The Flame Broiler hours are between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm, all days of the week.


As we saw this restaurant chain is committed to contributing to the community. To receive your donations, be sure to fill out, sign, and supply the Flame Broiler with a W-9 form. The Flame Broiler fundraising is exclusively for 501(c)(3) organizations. 


Now that you know how delicious and efficient Flame Broiler fundraising is, it’s time to take a peek at the calendar!


Follow the example of Young Lee with a Flame Broiler fundraiser

It’s the go getters who make real change, the first into the breach! That was (still is) Young Lee, back in 1984. He was ahead of his time, back to the future style (just a bit before that movie even came out!).


Young saw a need for healthy fast casual even before it was really a thing. Young saw a need to sponsor homeless youth. What did he do, with both of these community issues? He went out and took steps to solve them. Do the same. Follow the example of Young Lee. Host a Flame Broiler fundraiser for a worthy cause in your community.


And if you’re not a nonprofit organizer, share this article with someone who is or knows one. Get involved in your local community, do it now! If you’re in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, or Nevada, then Flame Broiler fundraising is viable for someone you know.


You’ll be sharing tasty food with people, and the very act of eating is donating. How easy is that? And if someone can’t make it, remind them about the Flame Broiler delivery. If it’s available at your chosen spot, they just need the right code (which you should share on social media). 


Join the Flame Broiler community and dig in to a delicious meal

All across Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Oklahoma, and California, the Flame Broiler community grows. Be a part of it, take your part in it, and make it so a nonprofit that deserves donations receive them! Check out the link at the bottom of this article. 


What is food at the Flame Broiler like? 


  • The Flame Broiler menu is plates and bowls of rice with tofu or meat and vegetables. It’s all natural, it’s all healthy, and it is all so tasty!


Why is Flame Broiler fundraising good for donations?


  • The brand! The Flame Broiler has a great reputation for fast casual that doesn’t leave you needing to fast because the food is healthy. Plus they already make contributing to the community (like sponsoring homeless youth) part of the company mission.


How good is the Flame Broiler giving back program?


  • It’s so good, you get 20% back on meal sales with 20 attendees.


You’ve got the facts, you’re fiending for fresh victuals and you’ve got a fire in you for changing the world. A Flame Broiler fundraiser is exactly what you need, and all you need to start is to look at the calendar of a nearby Flame Broiler



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