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You never compromise your meal’s health, taste, and speed of service at a Modern Market fundraiser. Your purse won’t go light either with a $10 meal average. For these reasons a group of givers like the one you may cherish will reel in RSVPs like crazy!


The bang for your buck is evident by looking at the Modern Market menu. Take breakfast all day, for example. Lead excited attendees to toast in support of your cause with Everything Toast. Creamy avocado, spices and smoked salmon snuggle on top of chewy sourdough to surely satisfy even the most hangry of hopeful do-gooders. 


This creamy and zesty panoply of hand-picked flavors is only the beginning of what’s on offer at a Modern Market fundraiser. All GroupRaise-fundraising Modern Market locations, from Colorado to Texas and Arizona, offer well-reviewed foods. 


Persuading people to join your meal event is as simple as displaying the delicious delights on offer. The Modern Market Boulder, Colorado kitchens–all 8 of them–have made a name for themselves among locals, giving you donation-generating brand recognition.


Read on to understand what’s unique about Modern Market, and how your group fits in.


Modern Market Eatery churns out food fast and whole, from scratch

Why is Modern Market Eatery so popular? It’s healthy, true. But healthy sometimes sounds like an empty word–what does it mean? On the Modern Market menu it means every ingredient is sourced selectively to remove no-go’s like these:

  • Trans fat
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Strange additives
  • Hydrogenated stuff
  • Artificial colors & taste


Excluding these bad actors makes for meals that look like this:


Modern market food for fundraising


Your RSVPs will eat the good, natural stuff, made on the spot from scratch. If trying to say an ingredient out loud makes you scratch your head, you’re not enjoying Modern Market nutrition. And if you are at a Modern Market Eatery, you can see the full array of nutritional facts necessary for any diet. Head over to their website and see for yourself!


All finger-lickin’ lifestyles are welcome, because there are so many ingredients there are practically endless combinations. Welcome to all:

  • The carnivorous and Paleo
  • Those who fiend for fresh fish
  • Vegetarians and vegans one and all


And there are gluten-free choices at any Modern Market near me, which is why anyone in Colorado, Texas, or Arizona should consider a Modern Market fundraiser


A couple more key facts.


One, the Modern Market menu is affordable at $10 on average per person. And two, Modern Market chefs make food fast, like really fast. The 2 Modern Market Colorado Springs, Colorado kitchens, for example, are tech-ed out like the rest. State-of-the-art kitchen equipment and simple, wholesome meals make for a speedy transition from hungry to ‘I don’t feel gross’ after the meal. 


A Modern Market Eatery represents a specific eating experience: fast casual without any of the grease–and with all of the taste. Your goal is to rake in attendee reservations, so which restaurant host would best fill your charity cup? Let’s figure that out!


Health-conscious and busy will people love a Modern Market fundraiser

The key to a restaurant fundraiser is to find a brand that blends with your nonprofit group. A smart venue selection yields high attendance and donations. A Modern Market fundraiser stacks supporter deposits when your group’s supporters favor the flavors and health focus of this fast casual restaurant chain. 


Modern Market nutrition facts might make you forget that the 640 calorie Blueberry Pesto sandwich is delectable. 


  • Step 1: Toast two cuts of ciabatta.
  • Step 2: Slather not too much (just the right amount) of blueberry chia jam and basil pesto.
  • Step 3: Add the vegetables, including ripe-red tomato slices.
  • Step 4: Fresh Mozzarella tops off the bottom cut of still-warm ciabatta.
  • Now your Modern Market Eatery foodie-chef slaps the ciabatta cuts together, and we have greatness!


Use the nutrition-first, no-flavor-loss brand of Modern Market Eatery to entice people seeing your promotional social media content to RSVP. They’ll sign up on your unique Meal Page (more on that below!). Try circulating some nice photos of what’s on the menu. Like so…


Lemongrass tuna from modern market


And if your supporters are environmentally conscious, let them know that Modern Market to-go and catering bags are eco-friendly! Read more about catering near the end of the article. 


Now you can figure out if your nonprofit group would be a good fit for a Modern Market fundraiser. It’s even easier to request a convenient date & time at any Modern Market locations, so after you do that, let’s talk more about mechanics.


Modern Market fundraising: How it works

Why mess around, let’s get down to donations–the meat of the matter! A Modern Market fundraiser offers 30% from total event sales, including online orders, which is a hefty sum and generous on the part of the restaurant. But to grab these goodies for the greater good while Modern Market fundraising:


  1. You need 20 RSVPs.
  2. Your group must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit. A W-9 upload is necessary within 10 days of booking.


And the price of food won’t filter attendees out because the typical meal price at Modern Market locations is just $10. This reasonable pricing holds for the 11 Modern Market Denver spots, a big city with a big appetite for lush and light foods. Scheduling is flexible too, because Modern Market fundraising can happen 7 days of the week between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm.


People can dine-in at the event or grab grub to go with pick-up and take-out.


Doing a Modern Market order online is fast, just hop onto the restaurant’s website. There the full menu is available for you to consider, but don’t dilly-dally because the food is in high demand!


Modern Market delivery is also available for fundraisers. The 2 Modern Market Fort Collins, Colorado locations, for example, offer all these options! This is all well and good, you’re thinking, but what specific steps do you need to take as a group organizer? And how long will they take to complete? Here are the answers!



  • Modern Market will get back to you about your desired calendar slot within a week.



  • Your group gets its 30% give back share no later than 6 weeks after the event, potentially as soon as 4 weeks. 


Circling back to those promotional tools that GroupRaise hands to you–they’re all customized to your group’s particular meal. Modern Market fundraising comes with tailored and premade ways to fill tables with happy faces! Like a Fundraiser Flyer to attract sign-ups, and content to remind people who have already signed up to go!


We’ve discussed dine-in, pick-up, take-out, and delivery. Quite the menu! Feel free to savor it in less than a minute with a date & time request. But what about catering? Modern Market has got it! 


Modern Market catering satisfies appetites in-house

A Modern Market fundraiser is viable at a group member’s house, or any venue of your choice other than an eatery itself. Modern Market catering removes the work of preparing food and drinks, as a dine-in meal event would, while letting you choose a more suitable venue for your group’s current focus. 


Would a supporter’s lovely home provide a more relaxed atmosphere? It’ll be even better with these items on the Modern Market special catering menu:

  • Salad bar
  • Healthy buffet
  • Sandwich platters


The bigger your town or city, the more venue variety you have on offer. There are 3 Modern Market Austin, Texas locations. This lets you get the Modern Market menu on tap for pretty much all of Austin throughout the week. Ask: what event location would draw the most excitement, especially with a healthy and tasty meal for a reasonable price?


Find a Modern Market near me to cater its way to the end of your cravings but not your ‘I’ve been eating healthy’ spree. Not convinced yet? Let’s summarize this article then!


Make nonprofit moolah off the Modern Market menu

When should my nonprofit host a Modern Market fundraiser?


  • When plenty of your teammates and supporters are busy but health-conscious. Modern Market Eatery is fast casual, so the orders get completed quickly. But meals are made of whole ingredients and from scratch. Across Colorado and in Texas and Arizona, plenty of people are familiar with how tasty the food is. Promotional activity for this venue is sure to draw attendees!


What is on the Modern Market menu?


  • The Modern Market menu has protein bowls, sandwiches, salads, and chef-made recipes. Dozens of simple, healthy ingredients combine in endless ways. Zesty is one way to describe many of the premade options, like the Chef’s Bowls, which are packed with interesting combinations of spices and sauces. 


How does Modern Market fundraising work?


  • Modern Market fundraising offers 30% give back on event sales, as long as the nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) and you rack up at least 20 RSVPs. You’ll need to send a date & time request and promote your event on social media. Then it’s just a matter of eating delicious and nutritious food!


How do I find a Modern Market near me to set up a fundraiser?


Supporters will cherish a healthy, tasty, affordable meal with people who care about the same cause that they do. Make it happen by first checking out the calendar of a Modern Market near me.