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A Movember fundraiser is an opportunity for you to lead in your community. Problems in men’s health, from cancer to suicide, need solving. Step up with solutions that fit easily into the schedules of friends, co-workers, and anyone who sees your social media posts. 


Anyone can make a Movember fundraiser happen, what separates those who do, and those who do not, is the initiative and patience to put the pieces together. This blog post advocates for beverage-and-food-based fundraising, though not in the way you may think! Let us help you structure your event, so you can advocate for men’s health with people who care too. 


This Movember 2022 is a time to make men’s health a priority. Lead the way–wherever you are, with the people that you know. The cause attracts supportive attention. The methods we provide below are time-tested tools for fundraising success. 



Man with moustache movember fundraiser

Image by Matthew Lockhart on Unsplash.


So make a mustache for a better world, and if you can’t, make a foam mustache with the coffee you bought. You know the one you picked up at the restaurant? Where 20% of every online and in-person order that uses a certain phrase goes to your chosen charity? Sounds like a sweet way to save lives. Sounds like you should get on that, maybe put it on your resume.


Read on. 


Make Movember 2022 matter for men’s health in your area

What is Movember and what does it support? Movember is short for mustache Movember, a time to make men’s health and fine facial hair a prominent feature of your monthly nonprofit assistance efforts. 


Blue ribbon with black mustache and blue top hat

Image by irinanaykina on Freepik.


This Movember 2022 is an opportunity to step up. It means 30 days of not shaving, letting hair grow freely (something cancer patients may not have the freedom to enjoy). And this is good, say for a social media post to rack up RSVPs for the Movember fundraiser you could help host. 


Of course, what you do with your facial hair is not as critical as the event itself. But before we dig into the menu, let’s have history and terminology appetizers.


Should you say No-Shave November or Movember? Either will do! For conversation the choice is stylistic. The difference is really about two nonprofit groups. The No-Shave November foundation has been about cancer. The Movember foundation has been around since 2003, and they have a broader focus that includes cancer and mental health.


Go to the websites of the Movember foundation and the No-Shave November foundation to learn more. A Movember fundraiser like the one below is an excellent way to do the same work as these pioneering nonprofit groups. You can make men’s health advocacy local, simple, and savory, as this article will show. 


Movember fundraiser ideas have never been so salivating

This section helps you find good Movember fundraiser ideas. Specifically, restaurant fundraisers. More and more nonprofits use these on the regular. GroupRaise specializes in connecting these two organization types together. The key insight to understand is that when eating and drinking is the same as donating, you have a flexible fundraiser tool.


Take-out and delivery make it so people who can’t make it to the dine-in event can still help. Catering makes it so you can pick a separate activity and venue to double up the value to RSVPs. As the rest of this section shows, good Movember fundraiser ideas are plentiful. For other types of fundraisers, read this article


Here are the essential steps to setting up a Movember fundraiser filled with donation-generating food and beverage. Be sure to secure some excited friends to support your men’s health fundraising efforts. 


  1. Select the activity. Sports, music, or out to eat?
  2. Select the venue type. A community center, a welcoming home, or a restaurant?
  3. Select the menu. Say…healthy fast casual–but what about ice cream delights?
  4. Select your restaurant partner. Send a date & time request in 1 minute or less.


After that, GroupRaise has the how-to’s covered with articles, guides, customized social media tools, and a fundraiser support team ready to answer questions. 


And as to where you send your donations, that’s up to you! Find a Movember charity easily, there are plenty of men’s health nonprofits looking for fundraising help. We do recommend looking for a local nonprofit first, something that will help bring in more RSVPs to one of the events we suggest below.


Just remember, you have to work with a real established nonprofit to implement these suggestions. Most restaurants require a W-9 form. 


A Movember feast with sports and mustache-sporting gentleman

Your Movember mustache might get some food stains, but that shouldn’t stop you from showing it off before the game starts! Host an event after work or on the weekend for Fall sports, such as:

  • Football
  • Golf
  • Soccer


People Watching Soccer Game

Image by Tembela Bohle on Pexels.


Pick a game that people can gather around and tie it to a men’s health issue. Make the food catered. A percentage is given back to the nonprofit of your choice.


Of all Movember fundraising ideas, a sports event is a cheery way to enjoy eating and a physical activity, even if you’re just watching. It’s combos like these that really raise funds.


But no game needs to be only for the rowdy ones and greasy grub. Have The Corner Bakery, a national restaurant chain, cater your event. The average meal price dining in is $12 and the give-back is 15%, a generally affordable and high-return option. 


Soups, salads, and sandwiches are the main trays and troughs you’ll be serving. People love The Corner Bakery and fundraising with them is a well-oiled machine you should maneuver to the advantage of men’s health. 


So glance over The Corner Bakery’s calendar, the kitchen’s ready to churn out plates!


Music and a Movember fundraiser go together like burgers and fries

The people you can help the easiest are near you. The best causes are local. The best artists start local first. All these facts mean we must face the truth…you should most definitely explore a local Movember music show!


The key here is to find local talent. If the headliner is a new face that’s great. Also locate someone with a bit of a following so your combined social media efforts really garner attendees. The more, the better! You can use GroupRaise’s unique Meal Page to organize the sign-ups into one place. 


You of course still need the nonprofit organization–like a prostate cancer group–and the restaurant to cater. We recommend BurgerFi, which offers a big 20% of meal sales for a $20 meal average. The higher meal price comes from the quality for which the chefs in the back are known.


The best burgers, that’s what BurgerFi chefs seek above all else. The grills and countertops hum with activity at this national restaurant chain. What they lack in variety they make up for in richness and depth, don’t get me started on what a juicy beef patty can do when it’s combined with–no, no I need to stop now. 


Just look at BurgerFi’s calendar please, I already had a double patty today.


Applebee’s will leave RSVPS hankering for more Movember

Does organizing a more activity-based fundraising event seem a bit much? Want to start out small with a dine-in experience? Then relax and accumulate donations with ease, as Applebee’s is a reliable out-to-eat classic all around the country. 


Everybody knows an Applebee’s meal is satisfying, that’s why the $15 typical cost makes sense. Guess what, though? Your team gets 15% of meal expenditures by RSVPs sent straight to the nonprofit bank account.


It isn’t all about dining in when your venue is the restaurant. Don’t forget take-out options too. Let people know on social media that delivery to their homes is available. They’ll be thankful for the convenience if they’ve had a busy day or something. A contribution is a contribution!


Make it chill, make it a known quantity, make it Applebee’s. Movember is all about a distinct absence of trims and groomed jawlines, yes, but also it’s about results. An Applebee’s fundraiser gets results. So get a date and time request sent out, ASAP!



So, what is Movember all about? To remember men’s health and raise funds to support men dealing with cancer and mental health difficulties. So here’s how you can help–with a restaurant fundraiser. They’re easy for you to set up and easy for your social media viewers to attend. 


There is a nonprofit for every restaurant and a restaurant for every food preference. This donation-generating tool has the flexibility you need to make the Movember fundraiser the leadership opportunity to fit your lifestyle.


Your Movember mustache is on its way but men’s health is already an issue in your area. This is a leadership opportunity for you. Take charge and make donations roll in as easily as convincing people to eat delicious food. It won’t be hard, but if you’re enthusiastic and creative with your communication, people will jump at the opportunity to support you. 


Close-up of hands holding a blue ribbon with stethoscope

Image by freepik.


Here’s a bonus fundraising idea for Movember. Try an after work happy hour at the house of someone who cares about men’s health like you. The giveback percentage you get by hosting fundraisers through GroupRaise does not include alcoholic beverages. But the catered food is covered, and every bite is another chunk of change for change worth making real.


Delay not a minute, a Movember fundraiser is one click away, one calendar review short, and one date and time request removed from you. Start a search here. The GroupRaise algorithm leads people with giving hearts to local restaurants sporting lip-smacking menus. It’s a win-win!