Donations From Papa Johns Fundraisers Are As Sweet As The Sauce - GroupRaise

It all started in a broom closet over 3 decades ago and ballooned like well-made dough into a pizza chain spanning the globe. Any nonprofit can make Papa Johns fundraisers happen all across the United States. Nonprofit organizers do it regularly because the tomatoes are ripe and sliced, the pepperoni glistens with dripping melted cheese, and charity coffers are happily stuffed much like RSVPs. 


The more the chefs put in, the more enjoyment the guests get–that’s Papa Johns way. The more orders, the more donations–that’s the GroupRaise way. What happens when you combine these two philosophies? Tons of orders and donations! 


So why delay, when your Papa Johns donation is one bite away?


Papa Johns’ Pizza Is For Gathering Round With Friends And Family

Papa Johns pizza is for a family to gather around and enjoy each other’s company. It’s to help friends celebrate a birthday. Papa Johns pizza is for great social moments, just slide an order in and slide some slices on plates. 


Why has Papa Johns pizza become a trusted means to make moments of mutuality merrier? Because for a reasonable $18 average meal price you get a sizeable sum of food with a delicious taste. That’s why. A Papa Johns fundraiser benefits from this sweet deal and brand power, more on that in a second. 


But first we’ve got to talk about the Papa Johns menu. This thing has the goodies! Papa Johns’ pizza is known for good quality because the ingredients aren’t processed. Consider the dough. It’s made of 6 ingredients you can pronounce, nothing strangely artificial. The list: flour, water, sugar, soybean oil, salt, yeast. The warm feeling and chewy texture you experience? It’s natural stuff meant to complement whatever sweet and/or savory you chose with the sauces and condiments. 


Papa John's pizza


The signature sauce, especially known for its sweetness, is one key taste that distinguishes Papa Johns’ pizza from other slice shops. The warm tomato sauce tastes savory, sweet, and with the right amount of garlic. Imagine it with Hawaiian Pizza, a big circle of cubed and sliced fresh pineapple and hot Canadian bacon.


A Papa Johns’ Pizza Fundraiser Is A Reliable Choice

Let’s discuss why a brand restaurant will help you attract more attendees, serve up more orders, and draw more donations. 


What’s in a name? Recognition! Everybody knows about Papa Johns pizza, it’s a reliably good choice all over the nation. No one will think twice about your restaurant co-host. 


Papa Johns’ fundraisers are a smart safe way to draw donations from brand power. When you circulate content on Instagram and Facebook, people will instantly recognize the host you chose. Plenty of people love Papa Johns. That means more RSVPs, which gets you closer to the minimum number of attendees you need to get donations.


A lot of people have tried-and-true favorites to pull from the Papa Johns menu and plenty of reviews to know which they’ll get if they haven’t had a slice in awhile. The Zesty Italian Trio pizza is a great example. Melted mozzarella with cut, hot salami? Make sure you get a cool, bubbling sweet drink. This is a combination to donate for, for sure.


Pepperoni pizza, served at Papa John's fundraisers


Who said good things come to those who wait? Not this good thing! It comes to those who rush in, over to the Papa Johns’ calendar.



How A Papa Johns Fundraiser Works

Are you sold on how attractive the Papa Johns venue can be to potential RSVPs? Do you now want to know how a Papa Johns fundraiser works in terms of the mechanics? 


First off, when can you schedule Papa Johns fundraisers? Papa John’s hours are all days of the week, from the still-bright 11:00 am to the dusky hour of 9:00 pm.


What’s the typical price of a meal at Papa Johns? A reasonable $18. What percentage of that sum goes to the charity of your choice? Up to 35%


The Papa Johns give back comes when at least 20 attendees show up to your pizza soiree. This can happen with dine in of course, but also delivery, pick up, and take out too! To gather up all these orders, be sure to spread the word by call and chat and content on social media. 


But what will you show people in person and over the internet? GroupRaise and Papa Johns send you content once your date and time request is confirmed. Each piece of attention-getting assistance comes customized!


FIrst, you’ll have a Papa Johns’ Fundraiser Flyer in hand, to circulate both online and show people face to face. 


Second, show potential supporters a Meal Page, which gives them the information they need to order food, online or at the restaurant, and more importantly in the short term, to RSVP. That way you know who to remind, which brings up this next piece of content you’ll get.


Third, use text message reminders so people who RSVP’d actually show up because they’re salivating for some hot slices of Papa Johns’ goodness! 


We send other content as well, but these three items are the main ones.


You know the deal, Papa Johns has the deals–the best ones–whether that’s a pizza, wings, breadsticks, or all three. That’s why Papa Johns fundraisers work so well. 


Head on over to the calendar and spark up a quick date and time request so those donations come in!


Explore Papa Johns’ Fundraising Opportunities

Are you looking for some Papa Johns fundraising opportunities? Look no further, you’ll find what you need here. In addition to the dine-in avenue discussed above, consider one of these 3 options.


  • Hosting a Papa Johns fundraiser night is a great way to let people enjoy delicious pizza and raise funds for a mission you want to move forward. 


  • A Papa Johns fundraiser for schools offers students a fun opportunity to coordinate with each other, families, neighbors, and others in the community. Supporting the local school is a cause many can cherish and gather around, especially when tasty food is on the table. 


  • Try delivery to a supporter’s home for a more chill get together, too. Order pepperoni pizzas so stacked with the savory meaty stuff that every.single.bite has hot pepperoni with cheese sticking to it. It’s easy to cherish a charity when donating is cheesy. 


As you can see, Papa Johns fundraising opportunities are plentiful!


Papa Johns’ Fundraisers Don’t Fail To Delight And Draw Donations+

Papa Johns has been in business for over 3 decades and now stands as an international pizza giant for a reason: it’s got the slices to serve for people to savor. Your supporters definitely will enjoy stuffed crust, crispy on the outside with the taste and feel of melted gooey cheese on the inside. 


The Papa Johns menu has so many of its own supporters, all you’re doing is adding the seasoning of nonprofit assistance. As for me, after reading all this stuff about the food, I’ve got to find a Papa John’s near me! I’ll start here with this quick calendar review and send off a request with a convenient date and time.