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Bite-sized ahi tuna, crinkles of salty dried seaweed, and well-portioned cuts of avocado—that’s what you’ll see on tables at a Pokeworks fundraiser. From Palo Alto, California to Providence, Rhode Island, Pokeworks kitchens are prepared to handle fundraisers for any nonprofit with a W9 to show for it. 


All you need to do as a nonprofit organizer–or anyone who wants to share this article with a local charity–is spend as little as a minute reviewing your local Pokeworks calendar. Just remember not to think about the Pokeworks sauces when you do, because Sriracha Aioli drizzled over gobs of fresh cubed fish is far too tempting to avoid.


A Pokeworks fundraiser as part of your donation drive will be one of your most “profitable” events! Pokeworks has a 25% give back, among the highest that restaurants offer. But high donations for delicious food doesn’t correlate with calories because a typical Pokeworks bowl has less than 600 of them. 


Delicious for those who eat, donations a plenty for those in need. That’s a Pokeworks fundraiser for a nonprofit that takes advantage of this opportunity. 


Pokeworks Bowls Leave No Appetite Unsatisfied

Pokeworks are everywhere across the country, and what do they offer? The good stuff, that’s right! The food comes quick, and it’ll need to, because attendees will be raring to experience poke. Shortly after your supporters order they’ll be munching on wiggly cubes of bright red-orange salmon and green, crunchy, watery cucumber drizzled with savory and sweet sauce. 


Are you really going to pass up the Pokeworks menu? You got me, invite me—I’m going to your fundraiser. It’s no secret that Pokeworks calories are so low–middling triple digits–they make for responsible ways to satisfy cravings. No one needs to hit the treadmill after a Pokeworks restaurant fundraiser. Make that clear when you hit share on Instagram.


Fast, healthy poke will draw a crowd, yet still I don’t think we’ve talked about Pokeworks sauces enough. Do you want your sauce level light, medium, or heavy? Consider the type of sauce: Were you thinking about Sweet Chili Gochujang or Umami Shoyu? These are critical choices you and your supporters will have to make, this really is a stressful time you’ll go through!


A Pokeworks fundraiser can’t be stopped once the local spot confirms your request with a date and time, the bowls will be filled and your RSVPs will be busy eating it up. Did I mention that every bite is effectively a donation, since every order is a give back to a charity worth caring for? 


Leverage The Pokeworks Menu For Fundraising

Known nationwide, the Pokeworks brand is all about fast casual poke. But what does that mean for a nonprofit? It means RSVPs walk into a clean inviting place and sit down to bowls of sushi-grade fish heaped over rice alongside fresh vegetables. 


Pokeworks bowl with visible rice, vegetables, and fish


Brand matters, it does. Why? A brand is just what people know about a company, it’s true. Brand is knowledge, and if a nonprofit picks a good brand as a co-host, they no longer have to sell the venue. It sells itself. 


With the Pokeworks menu in your altruistic arsenal, the distance between your social media pitch and RSVP clicks is shorter, the count racks up to hit that oh-so-tiny 15-person minimum. That’s right, you only need 15 people to get that 25% give back from Pokeworks.


The Pokeworks near me that you choose will definitely be known to locals. This is a national restaurant chain with a great reputation. People will see your customized GroupRaise-Pokeworks content (more on that later in this article) and feel a poke-ing urge to attend. Unsubtle puns aren’t on offer at Pokeworks though, just health-conscious food that leaves you happy to pay for it.


Since we’re on the subject of Pokeworks nutrition, let’s discuss how the food is attractive to a broad spectrum of people. Poke bowls are so customizable that Pokeworks decided to create a dietary lifestyle menu, and it’s interactive too. Conveniently select the things you don’t want in your bowl online to see what you could have at the restaurant.


  • Avoid gluten? Check.


  • Avoid meat? Check.


  • Avoid animal products? Check.


The list goes on. 


A Pokeworks restaurant fundraiser draws a crowd, that’s why this chain has partnered its units across the country with GroupRaise to bring nonprofits the donations they need. Everybody wins when poke is on the table. But then the bowls are empty quickly, which would be sad, except supporters are too satisfied to remember the poke’s gone. In that event, only one choice remains—order more to go.



How It Works: Pokeworks Fundraising

Let’s talk about how Pokeworks fundraising works in terms of the mechanics. 


Focus on the dine-in experience when sharing social media content and talking with people you know. Let them know that you’ll all be gathered together at tables eating delicious Poke Bowls. What base will they choose? Brown rice, sushi rice, kale noodles, or quinoa? You can’t have them all! (Or can you?)


Pokeworks fundraising is possible all days of the week, from Monday through Sunday, between the hours of 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. Note that Pokeworks delivery can occur at some locations. If it’s true at the one you choose, mention it in your content because it’ll expand the number of people who buy in your nonprofit name! 


Every order is definitely worth it with Pokeworks, and here’s why. They offer a tremendous 25% give back is what you get at a Pokeworks fundraiser. This is a very high give back percentage among fundraising venues. You only need 15 people to RSVP and attend so you can enjoy the donations that are sure to flow from the meal. All this is quite the value, making the $20 average meal price well worth it for all involved. Not only will people support a cause, they’ll support local employment too. 


The minimum number of attendees is a given if you and your nonprofit crew make sure to spread the word. Don’t just let people know in conversation, do it over Instagram and Facebook. Once Pokeworks confirms your request (see the link below), you’ll get a Meal Page customized to your event. All people have to do is click on a link to be able to RSVP. 


Pokeworks Meal Page


A Fundraiser Flyer fitted to your fundraising feast is on the menu along with Shrimp (Sous-vide). It will bring attention to the one-of-a-kind poke experience that people love. GroupRaise and Pokeworks also send you other kinds of content to raise awareness and remind people who RSVP’d about the coming event. Make your social media hum with love for the mission you want to move forward.


A W-9 form is required to set up a Pokeworks fundraiser, make sure you send it in so staff knows your nonprofit is the real deal. Give yourself the best pretext ever to satisfy hunger for fresh mixed bowls of fish and vegetables with delicious dressing–helping a nonprofit do good work. 


Check the Pokeworks calendar, dare not one bit of delay–donations await!


Your Pokeworks Donation Scales With Pokeworks Prices

Why worry about your day when you can poke your fork in a Pokeworks bowl? Just imagine sinking sharp utensils into sushi-grade ahi and salmon mixed with greens so green and crisp and bright they look like they should be in a photo. Like this one:


Pokeworks bowl with greens in it


It’s true that Pokeworks prices are a bit higher than normal for fast casual, what can we say? Quality doesn’t always cost more, but fresher, tastier fish doesn’t come cheap! You can’t have the true world-famous poke experience without paying just a tad more. But guess what? Higher Pokeworks prices mean higher donations. That would be true even if Pokeworks offered a more typical 15% give back.


But your Pokeworks donation is 25% of that $20 hefty healthy chunky savory and sweet meal cost you’ll likely pay. Guess what? Every bite you take of that bowl you ordered is effectively a pro-rated donation. Chunks of marinated Albacore Tuna over soft, sticky white rice? Every single time you consume you make a charity better off. You’ve never had a fundraising experience like that!


With GroupRaise, eating is donating. Get a high quality poke experience with Pokeworks and donate an abnormal amount. That’s why Pokeworks prices are more than worth it.


Spread Joy And Draw Donations With A Pokeworks Restaurant Fundraiser

What is the poke experience? The best of marination, the finest of maritime finds, the cleanest cuts of vegetables–and Asian-inspired dressings to drizzle it all in glory, soon to go away and leave you wanting more another day. I swear I’m not biased! Pokeworks is (don’t tell them I said so) because they can’t stop making this stuff!


Where can you find a Pokeworks near me? In the link soon to come. I only ask that you consider the people who would want to attend, if only you took the time to follow through. Will you share our customized content on Facebook and Instagram? Will you remind people to go after they RSVP’d? 


You should. Why? Because lots of people want to help others in need and munch on chunks of fresh marinated fish to do it. A Pokeworks restaurant fundraiser is good for attendees. You are doing supporters a favor. So don’t deprive them of the knowledge, the Pokeworks brand and your mission will sell the meal. 


A Pokeworks fundraiser is a rich and fresh type of meal sure to draw a crowd. Get started by finding a date & time that works for your nonprofit crew.