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Do you want to find restaurants that do school fundraisers? We’ve got you covered, for all types of dietary lifestyles and taste preferences. 


You want to know how to raise money for school. We know how, with food that makes people’s mouths water with anticipation. Schools and student groups need money for important educational work and student growth activities. One of the best ways to make this happen is with a food fundraiser. 


Students will be able to draw donations and meet fundraising goals using the convenient and accessible tools in this post. Scheduling and setup is quick and convenient. Getting people to donate only requires that you spread the word, and we’ll help you with that too. Not only that, eating delicious food is literally donating to your nonprofit, which means the only heavy lifting people need to do to help is fork to mouth. 


So keep reading, and find a list of fun fundraising ideas for school for school in this article.


Food Fundraisers For Schools Are Easy And Effective


The best food fundraisers for schools are delicious, easy to set up, and fill up the nonprofit account. So which ones do all that? Restaurant fundraisers! 


Of all food fundraisers for schools, the most convenient way is to co host. Do it with chain restaurants that people already love. This way you’ll capitalize on brand power, which means you don’t need to sell the venue. All you need to do is show people what a worthy nonprofit you champion. 


In this situation, you’re offering people the chance to eat a meal they’d already be happy to have, help a charity, and support a local employer. This is an effective pitch for students looking to raise funds! Plus, you don’t have to go out and buy prepared food or even more taxing, make some. You just show up to a restaurant!


Attractive as they are, food fundraisers for schools still require promotion! Spread the word in person, whether that’s in the courtyard, cafeteria, after class, or in your neighborhood. But more importantly, tap into your network and share on social media. GroupRaise and the partner restaurants below will send you content once a date and time is confirmed. (It can take as little as a minute to send a request.)


The content you’ll receive will be customized to your meal event:


  • A Fundraiser Flyer to make people see what’s on offer (a satisfying meal) 
  • A Meal Page, so people can RSVP in one location and help you hit the typical 20-person minimum
  • Texts and other content to remind RSVPs to attend the meal as the date gets closer


Use these tools and you’ll have plenty of attendees eating and donating alongside each other. Take photos and share afterward so people who didn’t make it know they missed out!


There are plenty of amazing restaurants that do school fundraisers, we’ll cover 5 great choices for you, with some bonuses at the end. Let’s get started!


A Wendy’s Fundraiser Brings The Best Of Burgers


Ever had a Wendy’s burger? Of all fundraising ideas for students, this may be the beefiest, juiciest path to stuffed charity coffers. But let’s start with the shapes and colors. The table for a group meal at Wendy’s is an array of white circle buns on top of square patties. 


Well, what about the taste? The buns are fresh toasted and the beef comes hot off the grill, cooked well done and missing none of the savory taste you’re about to experience. A Wendy’s fundraiser is one of multiple fun ways for schools to raise money. 


Double cheeseburger, fries, and ketchup at a Wendy's fundraising event


Wendy’s give back program is 20% for an average meal price of $7. From Monday through Thursday you are able to set up a Wendy’s fundraiser between 6:30 am and 9:00 pm. Learn more about Wendy’s fundraising in this article.


I haven’t yet mentioned Wendy’s fries, have I? Crisp and drizzled with sea salt, you must have some. But do it for charity, and start here to make it happen.



Dine-In Delights Await You At A Tgi Friday’s Fundraiser


Cajun shrimp is a staple of TGI Friday’s and you’ll find it fundraising there to be sure. What is it like? Paprika and cayenne make cajun what it is, a popping and spicy seasoning that turns those small little delicious seafood items known as shrimp into a great evening experience. 


Among food fundraisers, a TGI Friday’s fundraiser is a great choice for dinner. People love going there and you will love 20% for an affordable $12 typical meal cost. You can host a TGI Friday’s fundraiser from Monday through Thursday between 10:00 am and 11:00 pm.


From appetizers like what we talked about to hearty soups and salads, you can really chow down and enjoy a good conversation with fellow supporters of the cause you cherish. Read more about how your TGI Friday’s fundraiser would work in detail.


Plate of delicious pasta with mushrooms at a TGI Fridays fundraising event


So why not dine to donate when you fettuccine alfredo with baked chicken is literally on the table? There’s no reason not to! So look over the calendar, it’ll take no time at all.



Get Grilled Sandwiches Hot And Fresh At A D’angelo Fundraiser


A D’Angelo fundraiser is a sight to see, the best of grilled sandwiches. Try the Southwestern. Grilled steak with peppers or chicken with charred corn? Add in black beans, onions, and pickled jalapenos. On top of that drizzle chipotle and ranch with a bit of cilantro. Now that’s a great grilled sandwich.


All of this is possible from Monday through Thursday between 4:00 and 8:00 pm. A D’Angelo fundraiser offers a 20% give back for a cost per person of usually $13. D’Angelo’s is affordable and delicious, so it’s sure to bring in a crowd of happy supporters. Give this calendar a go and find a convenient date and time to host a fundraiser.


Savor Salsa And Guacamole Glory At An On The Border Fundraiser


Try the mesquite-wood flavor of the meats and cuts you’ll find at an On The Border fundraiser. This could be one of the best fundraisers for schools because of the portion sizes! Generous as they are the typical per-person price of $16 to dine looks reasonable. With 20% back to your favored nonprofit, you’ll be happy with the amount of donations you get. 


On the Border fundraising is an excellent alternative to Chili's fundraising.


Host an On The Border fundraiser between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm on any weekday except Friday. You can read more about the mechanics in this blog post


Where else but at an On The Border fundraiser could you experience the triple threat of rich-red salsa, bright-green guacamole mounds, and sharp n’ savory signature queso, all hand crafted for your craving-crushing meal of charity-cherishing glory? 


Nowhere, that’s where, so send off a quick date and time request!



Georgia’s Most Mouthwatering Meats Abound At A City Barbeque Fundraiser


Brisket that’s been smoked for 18 hours? The beef is dripping on your fork and falling apart in your mouth, it’s so good. Barbeque sauce that’s tangy, sweet, and hot? With an average cost to dine of $14? This is an amazing deal that City Barbeque offers! Students like everyone else will love this too. 


You can have this experience with people who support your school at a City Barbeque fundraiser, Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. A generous 20% give back is sure to draw donations as people would love to visit one of Georgia’s best barbecue spots. This chain restaurant has plenty of locations though, so you’re likely to have one near you if you’re in the state.


The pitmasters at City Barbeque hand-season and hand-grill the pork, beef, and chicken for hours! All you have to do is click a few buttons, and in a few minutes you’ll have a request sent out.



Consider 20 More Mouthwatering Restaurants That Do Fundraising


In addition to the 5 restaurants that do fundraisers above, consider this list of 20 more chains that light up community engagement with platters of food so engaging you forget you’re giving not getting.


What about a hot slice of pizza, made on the spot with healthy ingredients? With an average $12 meal price, you don’t need to break the bank to beat your daily nutrient goals. College students love Blaze Pizza–-so will high school and middle school students. There’s a 20% give back, too! 


Delicious pizza you can enjoy with a Blaze Pizza fundraiser.


Which other restaurants that do fundraising should you try? How about rotisserie chicken, dripping with juices from the cooked meat? It’s all glistening skin seasoned to perfection over at Boston Market, and just like Blaze Pizza, it’s affordable and generous with a $10 typical cost to dine and a 20% give back.


Georgia-style barbeque, rotisserie chicken, healthy pizza, nationally-favored burgers and sea salt fries–and on and on! There are many restaurants that do fundraising in this great country and your nonprofit gets its pick. 


Restaurants Are Fun And Profitable For Schools And Student Groups


By now you know how to raise money for school, and that’s chowing down with friends, family, neighbors, and classmates at one of these amazing chain restaurants. You only need to: 


  1. Take a minute (literally) to send a date and time request
  2. Hear back within a week and get social media content customized to your meal
  3. Spread the word in person and over the interwebs to rack up RSVPs
  4. Remind people (with the content you receive) as you daydream about delicious delights and treats
  5. Show up to the event!


Most food fundraisers for schools require quite a bit of preparation and work, usually going out and buying the food or even ingredients to make the meals. But with restaurant fundraisers, your school or student group can draw donations to buy what it needs just by talking with people and engaging on social media.


Find more restaurants that do school fundraisers with this specialized search engine. Have a happy meal!