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Dedicate your imagination to melted mozzarella cheese and warm pepperoni slices, with your favorite slice dip to the side. Make that meal a reality and you help a charity too, that’s a Pizza Ranch fundraiser. This restaurant chain is regionally famous for its buffet of pizzas, wings, chicken, desserts, and more classic American comfort foods. 


The Pizza Ranch saga began in a homely little hamlet called Hull, Iowa. It was home to the founder. With the help of his helpful father, this salami studded slice selling restaurant was born. Nowadays this Midwest heavyweight looks to expand beyond its proud & humble domain. 


Pizza Ranch is becoming a national sensation for tongues tasting seasoned marinara sauce and gooey cheese. A Pizza Ranch fundraiser makes sense for all types of people, especially those with cravings for pizzas, wings, juicy chicken & other satisfying comfort foods. Families and young students especially love Pizza Ranch fundraising because it’s so convenient, fast, affordable and tasty. 


The variety, most importantly, is what makes Pizza Ranch a veritable sure thing for groups with the right venue-to-supporter fit. Take your pick of toppings or seasonings and flavorings for the chicken and the wings! 


Pizza Ranch bears no responsibility for repeat customer cravings


Over 40 years running, the Pizza Ranch menu reflects the tastes and wants of clients who frequent 200+ restaurants under the Pizza ranch brand. It is the big pizza player in the Midwest, with no signs of dropping off anytime soon. People love the pizza, wings, desserts and drinks on offer, including at the Pizza Ranch buffet (read more below).


You can guess how there are so many types of pizza on offer, you could get dizzy. But then you’d just pick your favorite or experiment, which leaves another difficult choice. What kind of dips do you want?


  • Marinara
  • Garlic Oil
  • Ranch


The Country’s Best Chicken is sold here and people love it. The skin is crispy and seasoned. The cooked meat on the inside is flavorful and moist, perfect for sauce combinations like Buffalo. 


variety of pizza flavors


How about some buttery, salted & pepper-ed mashed potatoes? How about some gravy with that? Delicious!


A Pizza Ranch fundraiser flies on the wings of buffalo wings to funnel donations to worthy causes and fill tables at the same time. People adore the Pizza Ranch menu and would love to contribute to their community at the same time. 


But we haven’t even talked about Pizza Ranch desserts yet. These things are delicious! Blueberry dessert pizza? A spread of fresh blueberries and sweet, white icing rests on top of a circle of warm dough. There’s streusel, too, that crumbly mix of sugar and flour, and of course butter. 


Learn more about Pizza Ranch fundraisers in the upcoming sections. But let’s start with a discussion about why and how brand fundraisers work.


Turn out the neighborhood with a Pizza Ranch fundraiser night


Looking for people who haven’t donated before to attend your fundraiser meal? That’s doable, but what isn’t doable is not having some comfort food once in a while. 


A Pizza Ranch fundraiser night draws families and students in droves to platters soon to be empty. This restaurant’s brand says it’s a lasting one, it’s been around for over a couple decades with great growth to the present day. 


A group organizer who leverages the Pizza Ranch brand attracts more guests with her unique Meal Page. The product, the restaurant experience, will just sell well to people who are comfortable with comfort food. And a Pizza Ranch fundraiser night offers exactly what they want from time to time. 


Like the taste of tangy dipping sauce dipped Chicken Tenders. Or how it feels to bite into chewy, warm pizza crust and discover the milky flavor and flexible texture of cheese. Stuffed crust? Pizza Ranch is on point!


Thing is, people in your group’s supporter & social network may already want to go to Pizza Ranch, but your fundraiser gives them enough of a push to go at a time when they otherwise would not. So you help a local restaurant and they help you. 


You cannot go wrong with Pizza Ranch, it is a clear brand with an established menu. Time-limited items and deals aside, what’s sold there is perfect for a Pizza Ranch fundraiser night


And when you glance over the calendar, know you’re one request away from starting a process that satisfies your team and loads the group bank account.



Pizza Ranch fundraising: How it works


Do you want your Pizza Ranch fundraising to succeed? Do you want to max out your donation count? 


Then ponder a timeless principle of participation: make joining easy. Give people who won’t come to the meal in-person an easy way to help. In some of your social media content leading up to the big day, emphasize how to help the group with Pizza Ranch order online via pick-up & take-out.


But I shouldn’t get ahead of things. Important question: How does a group organizer even schedule a Pizza Ranch fundraiser? Answer: check out this calendar link. Find a Pizza Ranch near me, plus a fitting date & time. Send a request, wait a week for confirmation. Oh and sending a request takes 1 minute… 


Are you asking what time does Pizza Ranch close? Schedule your pizza ra-ra during Pizza Ranch hours for fundraising: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. During these times you may find yourself hungrily browsing a buffet (read more on that below!).


Wait 4-6 weeks after your Pizza Ranch fundraiser to see money come in. Your supporters came out in a show of friendly communal force, for good. And it shows in the group’s checking account. The Pizza Ranch give back of 15% is no joke. You can have it if you land 20 RSVPs, very very doable for a core team of go-getters.


But how to get RSVPs? Use promotional tools, tailored to your meal event!


A fundraiser flyer shows people what Pizza Ranch offers as a food experience – and it’s a very good one! Send it around online or show the flyer off in person, you’ll get compliments for it! The moment you get your Pizza Ranch fundraiser flyer, you’re ready to use it. 


A Fundraiser Page lets you collect RSVP requests via accessible information and links. Circulate it around social media along with your other promotional activity. People will sign up and you’ll have 20 RSVPs + more in no time, that’s for sure. 


And finally you’ll want to remind people who RSVP’d some time ago about the meal event. Some might just forget, others may need a renewed sense of interest! Use our drafted and customized content to get people’s positive attention!


Understand more about how to make the most of your Pizza Ranch fundraising promotional period in this GroupRaise blog post.


Pizza Ranch prices are reasonable with a $12 average meal cost. People in various financial situations will be satisfied with the cost. And it is still a good-sized base for that 15% Pizza Ranch give back you just learned about!


It’s a blast to fundraise with Pizza Ranch because they do it so much and so well. Groups love working with this za joint, as long as a group has a proper W9 form. Gain some know-how on how to in general be successful while fundraising in this GroupRaise article


Pizza Ranch fundraisers are known to work for donation-seeking groups across the nation. Try something extra spicy today because a 1-minute scheduling request to Pizza Ranch locations is no big deal, it’s the start of clockwork. Prepare your team, an easy ride to solid donation amounts is right here.



Pizza Ranch big-hearted buffets bring pepperoni pleasures & donations


Pizza Ranch fundraising is cool because this restaurant chain offers limited time menu items, the always popular and changing Pizza Ranch specials. The discounts won’t work at your Pizza Ranch fundraiser, but the not always available foods will be a real treat.


With a Pizza Ranch online order as an option, let supporters know about the Bake @ Home frozen pizzas. People can help the cause by baking a delicious pizza at home in comfort & peace. 


The most epic way this restaurant chain offers valuable variety is the Pizza Ranch buffet. This is even available in a quarter of Pizza Ranch locations – for weekend brunches! The menu here is particular, involving more breakfast foods. Like sizzled bacon & soft buttery biscuits. Aaaand did I tell you that the Pizza Ranch buffet offers UNLIMITED drinks and desserts. 


Just look at this beautiful buffet, it’s enough to send you salivating over to the Pizza Ranch near me and jump the gun on the fundraising!


Pizza Ranch buffet


And Buffet Your Way is the Pizza Ranch way of making sure every individual’s appetite is fully satisfied. Ask for a slice of your favorite pizza and the kitchen will make it and send you one. Now that’s service. Here’s another service: a fast scheduling request system!


Comfort food draws crowds to Pizza Ranch fundraisers


Simple. Affordable. Delicious.


That’s the Pizza Ranch menu.


Professional. Effective. Committed.


That’s the Pizza Ranch fundraising staff that you’ll deal with. 


Streamlined. Modern. Rational.


The food is served good & fast at this restaurant chain. 


Once you schedule a Pizza Ranch fundraiser, then you can begin promoting it to gain more attendees. The three tools you receive are ready for use. 


You can make sure people come to the meal event because your team shared content a lot. You showed enticing photos for the hungry. And you found a way to connect your group’s mission with the Pizza Ranch brand. In these & other ways a fundraiser promotional period can be very effective.


So don’t miss out customized marketing tools, your group & mission needs them… so use them! Do you have an actual minute? That’s what it takes to send a scheduling request to the people handling Pizza Ranch fundraisers.