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Why should you help set up a Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser? Because these wood-firing, meat-masters offer pilgrims of good cooking in the South a proper feast from Monday to Sunday. 


Digging a dry-rub, or do you salivate over sweet but smokey? From Florida to North Carolina, the pitmasters at Sonny’s BBQ pull pork over flamin’ oak and bid you to buy what the crowds crave. 


Over 50 years of skillin’ up over wood-fire and taste-glazin’ smoke makes any Sonny’s BBQ near me a local employer with a national stockpile of BBQ knowledge. The truth about what Sonny’s BBQ is about? Getting better at making BBQ. 


Sonny’s keeps it simple. And customers keep coming back.


A Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser takes the great gift of outdoor cooking and marinades it with the non-profit missions of do-gooders all across the nation. This, of all BBQ fundraiser ideas, is a sure shooter for people-pleasing your way to plenty of donations. 


Attention-capturing aromas. Beautiful cuts. Big portions. Proper BBQ. That’s Sonny’s, summarized. 


Sonny’s BBQ pitmasters gotta smoke ‘em to know ‘e

Time is a precious thing. We should all spend it well. And take a pointer or two from the pure preparatory ways of Sonny’s BBQ. They smoke the beef, the pork, and the chicken for hours. Hours. That’s dedication. Delicious dedication.


The Sonny’s BBQ menu is, at its core, a seasoned n’ saucy meat-fanatic’s paradise. 


Sonny's BBQ fundraiser plates of ribs, mac and cheese, slaw and greens


Plus, there’s a salad bar where leafy crunches and drizzled dressings can complement the moment when you bite into the crispy overside of fat on the side of that slow-smoked slab of beef you ordered.  


Sauce is central to BBQ, the pit-maestros we’re nodding to here would agree. Sonny’s BBQ sauce is the best. Consider the Original Sauce. A sweet taste that goes well with the savory meat comes a bit before a touch to the tongue of spice. 


And Sonny’s doesn’t wanna keep the sauce from the people, so they give clear and organized allergen information on their website. 


Sonny’s BBQ specials are always going on. You get the pick of the pit, the juiciest cuts and the most satisfying sides. and with some garlic bread? What about coleslaw, or BBQ beans? There are more options than that when Sonny’s mixes up the deals, go ahead and check out the latest promos on the Sonny’s BBQ website. 


When you set up a Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser, you’re jumping on the Sonny’s bandwagon of friendly service and the non-stop (yet healthy) competitive pursuit of being better at building BBQ experiences.


But what do Sonny’s BBQ competitive advantages as a vendor of victuals marinating the meats and grilling them to gorgeous perfection mean for missions meant for more than money-making?


I’ll tell you.


A Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser makes reputation produce donations

Sonny’s BBQ is an exciting restaurant brand. All over the Southeast, people living there and locomoting through find themselves yearning for a great BBQ experience. It’s a food niche for a reason.


And the power of a great brand is easy attraction to people who haven’t tried it, yet. If you’re in the region then people have heard of how good the food is off the Sonny’s BBQ menu. We haven’t mentioned people who’ve tried the restaurant before, but they come in more than they otherwise would. 


But why would that be? The power of something else. Giving. People like doing it. People like contributing to the community in which they live, by and large. Give them this benefit, and the decorum-destroying BBQ stains over cheek & chin sure to create comfort (or embarrassment…)


A good restaurant brand anchors a non-profit group’s expectation of donations. A Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser satisfies an organizer that she is sure to secure support should she promote the event well. 


Brand fundraisers are great. The power of easy donating for potential supporters plus a venue to attract them there! Both those things are as true at a Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser as the plates are overflowing bountifully with BBQ. Get thee there swiftly, it’s for charity, for grilled corn’s sake! *cheeks are splattered with Original Sauce*


Fundraising with Sonny’s BBQ is efficient like the pitmaster’s grill


Good BBQs are feasts of heaping platters, and feasts of people sharing with each other. Use that to your advantage. This goes to group organizers and anyone who could see themselves setting up a fundraiser for a cause they care about. Fundraising with Sonny’s BBQ is a reliable way to do 3 things:


  1. Eat big portions of BBQ!
  2. Get donations, with a 20% give back. You just need 20 RSVPs!
  3. Help people identify as members of your local community by eating, drinking, and donating with other community members. 


Offer people in your non-profit members’ social media network an image of Loaded Tots, golden-fried carb things that are queso-covered and BBQ sauce-blitzed. Drooling do-gooders will line up for orders online or in the store. Want the full menu of point A (hungry) to point B (foooooood) paths?

  • Dine-in
  • Pick up
  • Drive-thru
  • Take out orders


BBQ ribs on plate with beans and slaw

Photo by Jacob Stone on Unsplash.


And last but not least, Sonny’s BBQ delivery is timely & available for fundraisers! Get it as good as dine-in, from the comfort of your procrastinated-cleaning home. But all that procrastination is good, because it lets you really pat yourself on the back for helping charity. By eating BBQ. See how effective this whole strategy is?


This can all happen during Sonny’s BBQ hours from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. And while you’re making that loaded content, be sure to wield the righteous might of all the promotional tools that GroupRaise sends you after a Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser date & time is confirmed. They include:

  • Pass around a Meal Page to gather ready-to-go RSVPs into one place. 
  • Present a cool Fundraiser Flyer to attract even more RSVPs.
  • And remind people to attend in a fun, exciting way with various forms of content. 


All, all, the tools in the GroupRaise promo kit are customized to your unique fundraiser event at Sonny’s BBQ.


Do not fear, there’s no cookie cutter content here! Read more about how you’ll get help filling tables and the group’s bank account in this article


Considering the kinds of sauce on the Sonny’s BBQ menu, like the tangy tomato one, you know… it’s brown sugar-infused, spice-blended, vinegar-dashed. It’s the Sweet Sauce. It is so good, and when you add some to the food, that $12 average meal cost is a steal!


Find some Sonny’s BBQ locations, take just 1 minute to send a request, and then you just:

  • Wait 7 days max for confirmation
  • Promote your event and rack up RSVPs
  • Wait 4-6 weeks for donations to deliver themselves
  • Pride yourself for the smart fundraiser choice you made!


Good BBQ fundraiser ideas don’t come easy, but the orders go in and out easy at Sonny’s BBQ. What can we say? They’ve got outdoors grilling down to an art. We’re glad about it. 

Living in or passing through the South? A Sonny’s BBQ near me could literally be a few blocks away. So go check out the calendar, pulled pork and the good of a group in need awaits.


Respect the pitmaster at a Sonny’s BBQ near me

There’s a pitmaster at every Sonny’s BBQ. They’re chefs with a passion for the grill. And at this Southern restaurant chain, the grill is oak fire, burning hot and smoking the good stuff for a while. 

Every Sonny’s BBQ pitmaster wants to be better at what they do. BBQ, as they see it, is in an art. But is it okay to wolf down art in an unseemingly fast amount of time? 


Slow-smoking the meat for hours is just one way each Sonny’s pitmaster push themselves to improve. They actually compete in tournaments. These people are committed to their craft. Note to self: make friends with a Sonny’s BBQ pitmaster for free samples. 


It makes sense that skill is real here. BBQ is a simple set of ingredients, but that can deceive. There are so many ways to combine these ingredients. A new mix and process yields different flavors and smells, and so on. 


The sauce itself is a tricky thing too. Sonny’s BBQ sauce is a phenomenon, try the Original or the Sweet. Or do both, because you can share big portions on almost as big platters with friends, fellow students, and co-workers. 


Niche it may be. But unlike doing your taxes with a specialist, this experience is a joy to have. Among BBQ fundraiser ideas, a Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser is a choice cut of beef. You just can’t go wrong this way.


They say donations grow in Sonny’s BBQ restaurants

So you know the meat and carbs are on point at Sonny’s BBQ. But what about healthy options, you say? 


This is all part of the grand pitmaster plan, to lure people in with genuinely healthy side options at the deceptively titled “Garden of Eatin.” Here you can stack some just-smoked chicken – wait don’t forget a handful of bits of blackened corn – on fresh lettuce with diced red onion and corn off the grill. 


Try some sweet Sonny’s BBQ sauce on the chicken. And now you’re a discipline of the church of BBQ. The Sonny’s BBQ menu just has that effect on people. They come back for more of the pitmasters’ iron-wrought achievements, the best of Southern BBQ.


Your Sonny’s BBQ fundraiser benefits from the passionate labor of the pitmasters. So will the people who need your group’s help. Make these things happen with a good meal and a good inflow of donations. Schedule more than one, at a Sonny’s BBQ near me


There are many Sonny’s BBQ locations to look over, too, depending on where you’re at. And while you’re enjoying the selection of convenient venues, consider how good it is to find a gem among all possible BBQ fundraiser ideas. This is a specific type of experience that people like to enjoy over and over again. 


If it’s been awhile since you’ve had some good BBQ, that’s probably also true for other people in your broader social network. All you have to do is take 1 minute to find a date & time. And you’re off to being a go-gettin’ group organizer. So take a minute right now.