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Looking for an effortless fundraising opportunity? Discover the new way to raise funds with GroupRaise and Sam’s Club Membership Fundraising.


In this article, we will delve into the benefits, the process, and everything you need to know about this fantastic initiative.


Sam's Club

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How does a Sam’s Club Membership Fundraising Campaign work?


Launching a Sam’s Club Membership Fundraising Campaign is as easy as 1-2-3! Here’s how it works:


  1. Sign up and Launch: Begin your fundraising journey by signing up here. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll receive a unique web page tailored to your cause. This page becomes your gateway to generating substantial funds.
  2. Spread the Word: Once you’re signed up, you will receive an email notification when your campaign is live and it’s time to promote! Spread the word about your campaign with customized promo tools for you and your team
  3. Donations Galore: For every new membership sold through your campaign, up to 25% of the membership cost will be donated back to your organization. It’s a win-win situation—new members enjoy the perks of Sam’s Club, while your cause receives financial support.


The Benefits of a Sam’s Club Membership Fundraising Campaign


Now that we’ve explored the campaign process, let’s delve into the benefits of participating in a Sam’s Club Membership Fundraising Campaign. Here are the key advantages:


  1. Effortless Fundraising: By joining this campaign, you unlock a hassle-free fundraising experience. Say goodbye to collecting individual payments or dealing with order minimums. Sam’s Club takes care of it all, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.
  2. Generous Donations: For each new membership sold, up to 25% of the membership cost is donated back to your organization. Imagine the impact of this substantial contribution! It’s a remarkable opportunity to secure the funds you need to support your cause’s mission.
  3. Convenient Payment: At the end of your campaign,  your donation is mailed to you as one check. This eliminates the tedious task of tracking and sending out redemption codes or handling multiple payments. You can focus on what truly matters—making a difference.
Sam's Club Benefits

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Why Should Supporters Buy A Sam’s Club Membership?


By purchasing a Sam’s Club membership through your fundraising campaign, supporters not only gain access to exceptional benefits but also contribute to a meaningful cause. 


Cheaper than other alternatives, Sam’s Club offers member-only benefits on products from fresh produce to home goods and electronics, making it a one-stop shop that allows them to save big where it matters most–their time, and their wallet.


Sam’s Club annual memberships include:


  • Access to everyday low prices on your go-tos
  • Instant Savings events and high-quality Member’s Mark™ exclusives
  • Time-saving perks like Scan & Go check-out
  • Members-only gas prices at select locations
  • Savings at the tire and battery center, with free services like flat tire repair
  • Complimentary membership for someone in your household


Take advantage of a Plus membership for the most perks. Think free shipping, Curbside Pickup, and early shopping. You name it. And with extra Sam’s Cash™ on purchases, it pays to go Plus.


Being a Sam’s Club member comes with exclusive benefits that enhance the shopping experience.




Q: How much does a Sam’s Club membership cost?

A: A Sam’s Club Membership is priced at $50, with $12.50 being donated back to your organization. Additionally, there’s a Plus Membership priced at $110, with $22.00 donated back.


Q: Who can participate in my fundraising campaign?

A: New Sam’s Club members and individuals whose memberships have been expired for at least 6 months can actively participate in your fundraising campaign.

Start Fundraising Today!


A Sam’s Club Membership Fundraising Campaign presents an exceptional opportunity to make a significant impact on your organization’s fundraising goals. With its low effort and convenient structure, you can focus on spreading the word, engaging your community, and watching the funds flow in. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to raise money effortlessly. 


The process is straightforward: sign up, spread the word, and watch the donations pour in. GroupRaise and Sam’s Club take care of the logistics, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—supporting your cause.


So, what are you waiting for? Start your Sam’s Club Membership Fundraising Campaign today and witness the difference it can make for your organization. Rally your team, reach out to your community, and make a lasting impact. 



Remember, every membership sold through your campaign brings you one step closer to achieving your organization’s goals. Start raising funds effortlessly and make your organization’s vision a reality.