Health: Nothing But Nets

Why should I GroupRaise for Nothing But Nets?

Malaria is one of the biggest threats to kids in Africa, but it's preventable! Nothing But Nets works to combat and contain the spread of malaria to African villages by providing insecticide-treated bed nets that kill mosquitoes on contact and protect the sleeping family inside. Organizing just 1 GroupRaise Meal can raise enough to purchase 5 nets to protect 5 families, or 20 people, from the dangers of malaria!

1 Meal = 5 Bed Nets to Protect Against Malaria

It only costs $10 to provide a life-saving net to 4 people, so the $50 you raise by organizing a GroupRaise Meal for Nothing But Nets will protect 20 people, or 5 families, from the pesky and dangerous insects who spread malaria.
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