Hunger: Heifer International

Why should I GroupRaise for Heifer International?

Heifer International is bringing hope to hungry families in the form of COWS! Heifers are given to families in need, and with children drinking milk daily they are protected against malnutrition and life-threatening diseases. When one of these cows produces offspring, the calves are given to other members of the community in what's known as "passing on the gift." Start a chain reaction of awesomeness by organizing a GroupRaise Meal to provide countless meals for a family (and community) across the world!

1 Meal = A Share in a Heifer for a Family

The $50 you raise from organizing a GroupRaise Meal will go towards a share of a heifer that's given to a family living in poverty. This cow will provide milk to nourish the family and provide extra income that can be used to buy food.
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