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A Promise to Jordan

This GroupRaise Meal Happened on Thursday December 5, 2019

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Thanks for coming out and supporting A Promise to Jordan's GroupRaise meal at California Pizza Kitchen!
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Why We're Raising

Accidental overdose is now the NUMBER 1 killer of Americans under 50 - not accidents, not gun violence - OVERDOSE. Americans are now more likely to die of an accidental overdose than in a CAR CRASH. Those facts are frightening, but A Promise to Jordan is working to stem the tide by raising awareness of the addiction crisis and helping to erase the stigma surrounding addiction and mental illness so that fewer people will be caught in the grip of addiction and so those who are will seek help. Take a break from the holiday craziness and support A Promise to Jordan with lunch or dinner at California Pizza Kitchen on Thursday, December 5! You gotta eat to keep up your strength for all that holiday shopping, right? Why not support our great cause at the same time?! Just visit any time on Thursday, December 5, let your server know you're supporting A Promise to Jordan, and CPK will give 20% of your final check to our organization!
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California Pizza Kitchen
Thursday December 5, 2019
3 Westfarms Mall, Sp. E-125
Farmington, CT
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