Restaurants That Offer Fundraising Opportunities

What is a restaurant fundraiser?

Restaurant fundraisers are when restaurants raise money for 501(c)(3) organizations such as charities, nonprofits, and school clubs. A percentage of the proceeds raised from the meal are donated back to the cause that hosted the meal. Restaurants get more business than usual, especially if it's at a quieter time, and your friends, family, and community get an excuse to eat a decilious meal with each other. Fundraising at restaurants is truly a win-win scenario!

How to host a restaurant fundraiser

  1. Choose your Group: Are you a school club, nonprofit, charity, or 501(c)(3)? This is your group! Don't have a group? Choose one of the causes GroupRaise already supports.
  2. Find out much money you need: Most restaurants donate back 10-25% towards groups. Local restaurants often donate a higher percentage than chain restaurants. Our website directly shows how much restaurants donate. Use that percent once you've estimated how many people will attend as well as the average meal price to calculate the total amount of money you will raise from the restaurant fundraiser.
  3. Select a date: On average, groups schedule a restaurant fundraiser 30 days in advance. You need enough time for 3 reasons: the restaurants, your group, and yourself. Restaurants need at least 14 days to respond to an event request. Your group needs to know in advance so they can make sure their schedule is free. And you need time to promote your event to as many people as possible!
  4. Pick a restaurant: There are thousands of restaurants to choose from. And some are probably better than others in terms of taste (sorry, it's true). However, the best restaurant for your group is the one the most people can attend. Find restaurants by city or zip code to make sure you find the most easily accessible restaurant, so as many people as possible can come!
  5. Promote your event: There are many ways to spread the word about your meal. One method is to communicate with the restaurant that let you fundraise. See if you can leave flyers with the restaurant for them to display in store. Another option is to create a Facebook event and invite your friends in the area. Of course Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat work too! Read our blog post "How to host a successful fundraiser." to see more examples of how to market your event.
  6. Remind your group: On the day of the event, remind your group of the time and location. Sometimes people forget. Don't let them! Reach out to them via text, Facebook, email, or in person.
  7. Eat and raise! Once the event starts, make sure to take photos of the meal fundraiser to share. Those who attended will love looking back on the memories, and those who did not will feel FOMO. That way, both attendees and attendants will want to go to your next restaurant fundraiser!

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